Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

For our 4th anniversary...already FOUR years!? I surprised my hon with tix to see Diana Krall.

Bought them in May and did my best (succeeding) to keep it a secret. Well, I took her to dinner and then to the show this past Thursday eve.

She was pleasantly surprised but I think more so that I KEPT it a surprise cause I usually suck like that...lol! Chris Botti opened and did a phenomenal job. Had him sign our CDs and tix as well. Incredible talent.

Diana came on and dazzled the crowd with her voice and ability on the keys. She was backed up beautifully by a jazz trio and the night flew far too fast.

Although, she didn't play our song, we had a great evening and will definitely look forward to when we can catch her again.

Our actual anniversary is this Wednesday but we're both in the midst of our work week so to cap off the celebration we're taking a ride up the hill this weekend. Going to try to dodge the holiday rush and just go for the day to escape the heat and appreciate some alone time...out of range (mostly) from the valley below.

Ahhh, really looking forward to it and so very overdue for us both. Between cleaning, painting, peeling, and trimming then moving, texturing, repairing, and putting things away in general - we are both quite beat and are really ready to get in some down time.

Things aren't done but we've a good leap on things in less than a month so we're playing hookey on what needs finished to maintain our sanities. I'll have to post some pics of the new homestead when I get a chance...I think I may have some lot shots...nope, not on me. Some other time.


Turned 1 month old today - 5 0f 6 pups now have canine teeth...