Saturday, May 24, 2008

Photo stream

I have begun a photostream HERE and I'm sure to be adding almost daily as the flashes never stop around these parts lately! I already have more I need to download from the camera and onto the site. Well, gives us something to do between feedings. HAHA

Chloe and Grayson are here!

The BOGOs are here!

We were 3 cm at our last ob visit and he had us come in this past Monday for follow up. We were still 3 cm but he felt A had moved down more. Any day now was mentioned. That eve I had contractions til about 5 min apart and began developing a slight fever so we went to the hospital at 11pm. The doc oncall was not ours and we don't care for him. His suggestion was to stop labor and follow up with our guy in a couple of days. We said no and we spent the night in labor in L & D.
At 7 am our doc (hero) came in and checked - we were at 5cm. After checking again we were at six, did an u/s and both were in vertex position so he gave the epi at 10:30, broke water and started pit to make contractions more strong to progress as I was beginning to stall shortly after epi. Our entire family was waiting patiently (NOT) and at 6pm we were at 9 cm. Due to much swelling, my legs, feet, and apparently cervix, we were done. He said we had reached a plateau and we weren't going to go vaginal so C it was. By 8:02 we had the babies.

The initial labor (waiting for our dr) had me up most of the night with discomfort until epi! I had a lot of anxiety getting it and I was maintaining with the pain fine but due to twins and possibility of complications we already decided it was the way to go to ensure I would be "up" for a C delivery should we need it. Which was brilliant because when we did go C - Baby B flipped since the u/s and was breech after all and we would have ended up with the ultimate birthing experience which I was not wanting!

So, without much of a drama of labor, thankfully, we had a baby boy and girl on 5/20 at 08:02 pm. Chloe Anise Lindsey and Grayson Michael Henry; she at 5lbs 5oz 18 in and he at 5lbs 10oz 19 1/4 in. They were 35 weeks and 5 days at delivery. No oxygen needed, the both scored 9s at the 1 and 5 min. and hearing and assessments were all great. Slight levels of jaundice but we are home 3 days later doing great!

Feeding time calls

Thursday, May 08, 2008

8 month (34 wks) Pics

Well, after two weeks without work and a hospital visit for contractions, doc has officially pulled me from the office til delivery, at which time I'll begin maternity leave. I have no idea what the hell I will do with that time...I'm already bored! Can't shop as we're not buying anything til they arrive but I have done some window shopping via online. Not in the mood to walk around shopping - GASP! I know! Get too tired! Anyhow - we got some great pics of Baby B this past week - they're about 5 lbs each and doc will induce by end of month if they don't make their own way. I'm ready..for them to leave my body that is. I'm sure it will all kick in but there is that anxiety like there will be two babes in the home...what the heck!?!?!

Here are the latest pics:
Well, I am tired now so - nap time!