Saturday, September 22, 2007


So I took my state exam last Thursday. I had my study materials since, oh, the 5th? Finally got around to installing the software and ran through a couple practice tests the afternoon before the test. On the morning ot the test, I got turned around and finally got to the facility (late), got into my computer booth, and began looking at a completely foreign language. This isn't what I studied for...and I use studied loosely.

The software I purchased was to be a mock version of this exam covering the same material. This was financial mumbo jumbo with questions about things I've never needed to use in my past 24 months of DOING the WORK...let alone what was on the exam prep. Okay, so they gave me 3 hours to take it and I was done in 40 minutes. I sat for another 20 to look like I was really trying and to just check over a couple of formulas but when it was all said and done and that little box read "Are you sure you want to submit this test?" I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and hit the mouse. Hey if I know it I know it, if I don't it isn't like it's just going to come to me. Might as well get on with my day, reschedule the test, better prepare or at least prepare at all!

So I exited the room, told the facilitator I was given the wrong test (jokingly), and she stamped my certificate and said I passed. "I what?" "You passed, sometimes tests go like that." Meaning you feel you did miserably and voila. I'll take it.

Drove the whole way home bewildered, "How in the hell did I pass that test?" It was like I had somone who knew somone rig the testing booth software server thingamajigger. To say I was in shock is so understated. I called my hon and told her and she was like, duh, of course. But no, I insisted there's no way I did anything but get really freakin' lucky; no modesty, I wasn't playing humble, I really didn't know dink on that exam. But all is well that ends well, and well, I do know how to do what I have been doing, even the test says so :)

So now on to the next "project" at hand. I'll have more news on that later. In the meantime, my baby girl is growing fast. Her name is Sweden, we call her Sweetie and here she is in her T which is just a slight too big. She is such a love. I love puppies!