Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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If only in my head

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bad pics

Just thought I'd share some really crappy pictures off my cell phone.

Took the baby for her first ride in the Saab. She was flipped out by the car...not used to anything other than SUVs she quickly explored the vehicle while I entered the 'mart for beverage and rested on the back window dash. Took some convincing but she finally got down.

So, took the car in, as I believe I have posted previously, for some warranty work done. Had buttons replaced, headlight lenses replaced, etc. This is a Cadillac/Saab dealer so when I was picking up the rental they offered me an Impala. I asked if they had anything smaller; the guy responded he never heard that asked here...made sense with the Cadillac crew.

They took care of everything and then some. The CD player wasn't in yet so I'd need to come back another day for that when it did arrive. When I turned in the rental keys the woman who was now at the desk said 9-3 drivers aren't very thrilled with Enterprise at this local anyway because of the selection. She was putting another 9-3 driver in an SUV and the woman told her "no way, not happening"; I totally empathized with her, lol.

So about three days go by and I get that call; cd player is in. It will take a couple of hours so I call my hon to pick me up and do some shopping.

While I'm in the "Customer Lounge" waiting, I notice the assortment of refreshments they have for those who choose to linger for their cars. There's bagels, scones, donuts, and muffins to the left and a toaster and microwave for whichever warming utility you prefer. In the center, below the tv, is a cooler with V8, juice, water, and soda. There're coffees and teas and an espresso/cappuccino machine next to that. But perhaps the item that most tickled my fancy was on the far left, near the gentleman standing (tried to zoom it in), is an ice cream machine. There are cups and cones, again for whichever your preference, and the flavour on this particular day was pistachio almond. I was tempted but, alas my ride arrived all too quickly and I didn't partake. Yea, I am loving this car for a multitude of reasons.

They made the interior look brand new and the exterior shine like an angel. Each time I bring it in they return her washed and polished. She's dirty from the rain last week so I'm bringing her back in...kidding. Took some great winter pics (autumn elsewhere) of her in the leaves as the trees dumped their foliage last month. I'll try to post when I get them downloaded. I know you're absolutely waiting with baited breath now; just remember to breathe.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

What IS the rush?

There's conflict everyday. War, neighbors, family, work, and in our own heads. What struck me this afternoon (not some grand revelation, mind you) was that we aren't clear at all.

This all started while I was driving this afternoon. This crazy, chevy, little car was bobbing and weaving on a two lane, 45mph road going nowhere. She would enter one lane to swerve right back where she was and repeated this all the way to the light. She came off quite foolish. I watched as the guy behind her (and next to me) shook his head and mouthed "What's your rush?"

In a world full of cliche's - we say "what's the hurry, stop and smell the roses, enjoy the view, haste makes waste, etc." while in another breath we say "early bird gets the worm, life's short, you only live once, and so on." We are walking, living, breathing contradictions. What is the true path? What is the proper frame of mind? Some may say it depends on the situation but is that so? Strong and steady or fast and furious, that is the question.

For me, I tend to be the latter. Not because I'm packing in life to the fullest but because my Type-A personality needs me to get it done, NOW. I am in constant competition with myself to be faster, better, smarter, whatever it is that is desired in the moment. Is this healthy, absolutely not.

I've posted before about curbing spending habits and avoiding brand new; work the barter, prev used system and try to produce/waste less and appreciate more. This also goes to the next level in everything we do. We need to waste less energy as individuals. I'm not talking about fuel and living green when I say this. It's not to doddle around life and lay on a couch but perhaps racing to the finish line isn't what it's cracked up to be. All this pressure on myself and what we put on ourselves daily is damaging. The stress from work, home, traffic, everywhere - it's enough. Why would I want to put more on myself.

Today was a very relaxed and enjoyed day. There's a Coca-cola cartoon commercial they preview at theatres lately, where a "bad" guy enters the scene and people fearfully run and hide. Then he opens a Coke (beverage), the song begins to play(you give a little love and it all comes back to you), the screen brightens up, and he fulfills an abundance of good deeds.

This was my frame of mind today. I didn't curse any drivers, I didn't race to be first, I patiently waited on line at the gas station, and even purchased a colouring book off of a girl in the parking lot trying to get to Knotts Berry Farm.

It was a good day. I liked myself. I wasn't stressed or uptight. There's something to that.

Now if I can capture that and live it daily; "like gold in my hand." Indeed.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Whiskey-a- SOHO?

My partner and I flew to Florida for her sister's 40th. Had an amazing, albeit inebriated, weekend. Really did have a wonderful time but boy did it fly.

We flew out Thursday, met up with her cousin connecting in PHX from OC (now known for this
entry as "OC"), and arrived into Tampa late afternoon. Her sister, the b-day gal, and NY friend ( aka - tweety; she sings a lot), took us to the Green Iguana for some lunch/dinner and cocktails. Fun place off the water with some mood lighting (fire pit) on the patio. The weather was generously warm especially considering PHX has been cold (not NW cold but cold nonetheless).

Well, that's where it started. I only had one drink while we were there. Then we headed home to drop our bags and get it together.

After we established bedrooms for the weekend we set out to the bar. My partner's other sister just sold and bought bars so we thought we'd visit and check out the new digs.

No sooner would I finish a drink, another was in my hand. It was poker night so the juke box was playing but the crowd was pretty laid back. We stayed for a bit, got nice and tipsy, then went home and headed for bed.

The other household went out for mani/pedis while our house staggered in for her bro-n-law's french toast, YUM!!! Then we went shopping, bought sunglasses, because like a dolt, I forgot mine and some shoes for my honey - good thing I pack light!! LOL! Had Greek for lunch then met up back at b-day girl's house for dinner. Then it was back out to the bar.

Another evening drinking although the Friday crowd was quite different. We surprised her sister, who was working again. She poured shots and we all drank...and drank...and drank. She was strutting on the bar, we were hanging out in the billiard area for some "lip time", and some young pup was trying to pick up OC. I do recall that after a certain point my honey, laughing, telling me to hold onto the bottle. "Do not put that down; just hold it. Otherwise she'll keep giving you another!" We closed the bar, had a blast, and dropped off OC and Tweety.

Woke up Saturday with the intentions of taking her neice and nephew to the park. Yea, that didn't happen. Went shopping that afternoon for a gift and then home to get gussied up. Limo arrived just after 9pm and we headed to SOHO, South of Howard, in Tampa.

There was this place called Whiskey SOHO which was very uber trendy and the crowd was equally so. The bar/club/restaurant itself was nice and done well and the food/apps were great. We closed Whiskey's and was back in the car, drinking. We were all adequately trashed to the point that getting in and out of the limo was a hell of work out.

Sunday; finally got the kids to the park and sweated our asses off - 85 F outside. What the hell, it's January!!!??? Trip went way too fast. I really could have used another couple of days but at the same time really needed to go home to relax.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let it snow...

Perhaps not the sentiments of those in the Northwest or Midwest regions, however in good ol' Arizona, I welcome it. We drove up Saturday, took the evening off, and spent the day sledding. Kids had a blast as did me and my hon. We raced down the hill on this most awesome new sled I bought her for Christmas LAST year but was never able to use due to a horrible warm winter.

Well we busted it out this year and WOW was that thing fast. Comfortable and big, we all took turns on it. Then there were the snow boards, which wasn't too bad. We were amazed how quick the little ones just got on and took them down the hill. Didn't fall once. The big one's had a tougher time of it but we only brought the little one's board as it fit in the truck. It was an impromptu trip so we didn't really plan ahead well. Anyway, she and I also took a run on the board. It was pretty cool and although it's weird being strapped in with both feet on ONE board, it's really not that awful either.

I'll post some pics once I go through them all. We took tons. The ride up was quick, pics along the way. It began snowing on us about 1/2 hour prior to Flagstaff which I was surprised for. Ice on the roads by Munds Park and onward. Some wrecks here and there but nothing too terrible. We were on the mountain for about 3-4 hours. Between 15 degree temps, wind, and lack of gloves (on me - gave mine to the 10 year old who soaked hers), it was time to go. After thawing my hands and getting everyone in dry gear, we headed home trying to beat the sunset.

We got home just after 7pm, ordered pizza picked up some movies, lit the fireplace and we all huddled on the couch for warmth and relaxation. Perfect day, perfect evening. It was VERY nice. And best of all, we now know we can make a sled trip for the day if that's all the time we're allotted. We usually go up for an overnight or two so this was a good trial run. Especially since we didn't get on the road officially until almost 10:30. Not bad at all and we all had a great time. Yes, keep the snow coming!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

GERMZ cont.

In relation to prev post (Tuesday 1/09/07) I thought I'd take an impromptu
pic of the interior of my car. You'll see the driver's door and a container/pump
of Germ-X that I use all the time.

Thank goodness for antiseptics!!!

Oh, and I was driving so sorry for the blur but I had to swerve to miss that guy. I JUST got her back from the shop for some warranty work, WHEW! Lol!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No germs please...

So I stop at QT (Quick Trip) on my way into work for my work-nightly 32 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper at the soda fountain. As I approach the straw counter to top my beverage there's a young guy there with his 64 oz-er lidding his own and I pause waiting as I have to cross his reach to get my size lid.

After he moves his arm, he reaches over, grabs my size and in slow motion (or seemingly so) hands it to me. I look at him and as I thank him for the thin piece of blue plastic, I fumble it onto the counter and grasp it again. He smiles and said something like, "Butter fingers, eh it's all good. No worries like that..." Inside I'm laughing because he thinks I'm "giddy" over his gesture, which was very kind indeed. What I'm really thinking is, "How can I get out of taking this lid to avoid his touching my soda top so I don't have his germs but at the same time, be gracious at his being considerate and helpful and not look like a total bitch?"

I sucked it up and took the lid, used it and set it out of my mind. But as I exited the store I did snicker a little inside. This was a very young guy behaving quite urban and hip and not necessarily fitting that image; he was a poser but cute about it; a very respectable kid. And in his perception I can only imagine me seeming like a scattered girl who was just all thumbs because he showed me some kindness and I was shy and doofy over it. Don't know if this is translating right but it was just a vibe I got from him when he let me know it was "all good."

My germ phobia was misunderstood as a 'flirty fumble', if you will, which led to a boost in his ego which truly IS all good, I suppose. Oh, and I seem to have survived the beverage as well. LOL.

Happy New

After working the Christmas Holiday I had the week of New Year off. Took those four blessed days to nurse a cold and get some stuff done about the home. Lights were down I think by 12/27? Rearranged the entire house to make room for the kids pc's and our own office space etc. Set up the Tivo - eureka, what a great product! And pretty much just put things in order and ready for the new year. We accomplished a lot. Saw Dancing with the Stars, the tour. Was a nice spot of fun; far better than I had anticipated and it was a gift for others and they had great fun so goal was also accomplished.

Did make it to the theatre for Dreamgirls and Night at the Museum. Highly recommend the musical; yea I know I said it...the musical was good! Excellent! Beyonce nails this song at the end that you just look at her and are "WOW!" Very well executed. Expected more, received less. Not the blockbuster it was played to be or could have been. Owen Wilson definitely made it what it was, IMO anyway. Funny, when he first arrived on the scene I couldn't stand him or his penis nose. Now, I enjoy him very much and appreciate most that he does.

So after much delay about nothing, I'm back. Lots of catching up to do in blog world...sheesh!