Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Whiskey-a- SOHO?

My partner and I flew to Florida for her sister's 40th. Had an amazing, albeit inebriated, weekend. Really did have a wonderful time but boy did it fly.

We flew out Thursday, met up with her cousin connecting in PHX from OC (now known for this
entry as "OC"), and arrived into Tampa late afternoon. Her sister, the b-day gal, and NY friend ( aka - tweety; she sings a lot), took us to the Green Iguana for some lunch/dinner and cocktails. Fun place off the water with some mood lighting (fire pit) on the patio. The weather was generously warm especially considering PHX has been cold (not NW cold but cold nonetheless).

Well, that's where it started. I only had one drink while we were there. Then we headed home to drop our bags and get it together.

After we established bedrooms for the weekend we set out to the bar. My partner's other sister just sold and bought bars so we thought we'd visit and check out the new digs.

No sooner would I finish a drink, another was in my hand. It was poker night so the juke box was playing but the crowd was pretty laid back. We stayed for a bit, got nice and tipsy, then went home and headed for bed.

The other household went out for mani/pedis while our house staggered in for her bro-n-law's french toast, YUM!!! Then we went shopping, bought sunglasses, because like a dolt, I forgot mine and some shoes for my honey - good thing I pack light!! LOL! Had Greek for lunch then met up back at b-day girl's house for dinner. Then it was back out to the bar.

Another evening drinking although the Friday crowd was quite different. We surprised her sister, who was working again. She poured shots and we all drank...and drank...and drank. She was strutting on the bar, we were hanging out in the billiard area for some "lip time", and some young pup was trying to pick up OC. I do recall that after a certain point my honey, laughing, telling me to hold onto the bottle. "Do not put that down; just hold it. Otherwise she'll keep giving you another!" We closed the bar, had a blast, and dropped off OC and Tweety.

Woke up Saturday with the intentions of taking her neice and nephew to the park. Yea, that didn't happen. Went shopping that afternoon for a gift and then home to get gussied up. Limo arrived just after 9pm and we headed to SOHO, South of Howard, in Tampa.

There was this place called Whiskey SOHO which was very uber trendy and the crowd was equally so. The bar/club/restaurant itself was nice and done well and the food/apps were great. We closed Whiskey's and was back in the car, drinking. We were all adequately trashed to the point that getting in and out of the limo was a hell of work out.

Sunday; finally got the kids to the park and sweated our asses off - 85 F outside. What the hell, it's January!!!??? Trip went way too fast. I really could have used another couple of days but at the same time really needed to go home to relax.

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