Friday, April 28, 2006

Star Spangled Spanish??

Okay so because I wrote a post a few weeks ago regarding the immigration march I thought I'd do a follow up on the latest and greatest wave of debate.

As some may know, another couple of marches is in the works. One is the ANTI-Immigration reform march which I don't know definitively when it is to take place. The other is the boycott which is to occur on May 1st to show how much of an impact immigrants make in the workplace, country, etc. Is it a smart move? Mmmm, I don't think so...but that's just me. If you are working in a job being underpaid (stereotypically) doing something that isn't exactly high brow...there are those in line behind you waiting for the opportunity to take your place. If you get fired because you protested, don't be surprised. But I will admit that is just my limited and quick glance point of view.

Anyway that is not what this is about. The latest and greatest buzz is in regards to this. It is the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish. Some have criticized it too whiny or just entirely inappropriate. Some say it is simply paying homage to a great country and showing solidarity and sincerity, blah blah blah. Personally, I don't care for the song and it doesn't seem right (as it is an American Anthem) to be song in a foreign language.

Musically, I think it's beautifully done with the Spanish guitar being used and the pacing. But much like Hendrix electric version, it is one thing to be done over with a different angle but in a different language??? That just might be taking it too far.

I'm not patriotic however singing it in Spanish or ANY other language does seem cut into the whole meaning of the song. If you want to pay "homage" or show "sincerity" and not just do something for shock value or pissing off the public then sing the song in the appropriate language with a cultural slant as in the guitar work and perhaps other forms of percussion, etc. There's no way anyone truly believes they didn't see this backlash coming. Come on?!

At any given sporting event there have been several renditions stemming from the original given a different arrangement, different artists voices, different pacing or instrumentation, etc. It's not that it hasn't been done before. You add fuel to an already blazing fire to "kick it up a notch" and go full board singing in another language.

Like I said, I am not especially patriotic at all really. But this kind of send bad vibes to me so I can only imagine what it must do to those that are hard core, flag waving, apple pie-eating folks. Bottom line, I guess it's just something else to stir up controversy and bundle people's panties.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Working at the ...

So I've developed a new habit I haven't told anyone about yet. It's been my little secret for months now and I've felt after yesterday's experience I ought to share. Nothing profound ocurred yesterday but I thought about what I've been up to and realized others may want to partake and perhaps some already do so with that said, here is my secret.

At least once a week, before I begin my hour drive home in bumper to bumper traffic on the Loop 101, I stop by the $3.00 car wash and take about 5 minutes to unwind and relax in those moments of peace before hitting the grind. Then I switch back into drive and head for the Loop full of aggressive, road rage drivers that I see three days a week every single week.

Not terribly long ago I would spend 3 hours detailing my car about once a month or so and listen to tunes in the driveway as I washed, dried, waxed and detailed the interior and dressed my tires, etc. Lately, who has time...and if there's time, who has the energy. So not willing to give up the luster of a beautiful sheen, I've opted to cheat and head for technology and less elbow grease.

It started innocently enough. I went to get a jump start on detailing once when I let the cars go too long without a wash etc. Then I found it convenient to whizz through on my way to a family gathering or dropping the kids to a dance or so, this way the cars looked presentable and less guff from my dad on car care, you know.

Now though, I've noticed it's like a time out. It only lasts a few minutes but the sound of the stereo accentuated by the patter of fabric/rubber soap soaked strips against the window is so incredibly soothing and places me in quite a... like meditating state. So now when I pull up, hand in my three dollars and bring the car antennae down, I start my preselected track from the chosen cd and put the car in neutral ready to enjoy the ride. If you haven't sat on the track in a while I highly recommend it. For $3.00 a trip, it is quite the bargain. (Hey they should use that in advertising?!?!?!)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Saving Face

Rented a spectacularly entertaining little flick this weekend. Okay, actually I had my partner pick it up on her outing to the video store while the kids were with their dad...but I told her to get it so I'll claim it. Anyway, I must give it some notice because it was a very good movie. I haven't enjoyed a movie like that in some time; the really feel good kind when it's all over. The kind you don't want to end and just keep eavesdropping on like someone's life? That kind. So my honey and I are chillin' on the couch watching this movie and laughing and feeling everything going on and sat with these goofy smiles.

Most lesbian movies are maybe B but more likely C movies. They are written poorly, shot horribly, and pretentious, stupid, or boring. There is no real connection. Not this time. First of all, it's not just about their homosexual relationship although of course that does have a role in the movie. It's more about the whole picture and how it fits in with their lives...

It's a young Asian woman surgeon who falls for another Asian woman dancer and they live in New York and their parents and communitee for that matter are very, shall we say, dated! Old school and honor to the hilt so being lesbians isn't something the young doc is comfy with. Then her mother throws a wrench into her budding romance and she has to contend with that as well. Not to mention the dancer's father is the doc boss. But I don't want to say anything further for it is sooo worth the watch and after viewing it I realized why it was done as well as it was. Evidently Will Smith was one of the producers. AHHH, now I see.

It was shot well, written wonderfully, acted superbly, and worth the $3.95 we paid to see it. It is something I'd even consider buying which is huge because I'm not a movie collector by any means; I think I own maybe 7? So, if you have a free afternoon or evening, I highly recommend it.

20 years...

As most everyone knows, especially after the news reports and media coverage, it's Chernobyl's 20 year anniversary.

Not the sort of thing one celebrates but certainly something we all need to remember. Mankind's arrogance and ignorance has led to generation after generation being left scarred and suffering in what is left behind from the explosion known 100 times stronger than that which occurred in Hiroshima.

So very unnecessary and yet what really concerns me is I don't doubt it wouldn't happen again. We live in a day and age of war and greed and power and nuclear weapons. We have the power to create greatness and do such wonderful things and of all the challenges we have yet to face as the human race such as cures for cancer and aids and poverty!!!?? We continue to use our minds and means to fund and develop weapons????

For anyone who doesn't understand or truly appreciate the damage done; take some time to surf for something other than the latest model going to pose in playboy or some pregnant celebrity and check this out on MSN. I will warn you there are some parts of the video that are very difficult to watch.

Some of the eye witness accounts are incredible. The idea of one man's friend who DAYS after the explosion was part of the clean up crew (who had little if any appropriate protection) and because of the exposure suffered radiation poisoning and died. The way he died was by shrivelling up and turning black until he "crumbled" to death internally.

The steam explosion and fire released at least five percent of the radioactive reactor core into the atmosphere with the wind carrying to the neighboring towns. Within one week the entire WORLD was affected by the radiation in the air. Their estimating the radiation won't be contained /eliminated until the year 2525 and over 400 generations will be affected.

The number of children in medical facilities that will grow only to be transferred to the mental facilities as adults is staggering. There are gross deformaties that literally changed some of these children into "monsters" as one photographer put it. Such an incredible waste for humanity. These children are visited by their parents and loved ones yet don't even know who these people are let alone themselves. It's such an incredible impact that I truly don't think is even within grasp of just how incredulous this whole even is and will be for centuries to come.

What's incredible to me is I was in high school when this occurred. The same year I remember the Challenger exploding after lift off - I can tell you place, time, the teacher's name of the class I was in and yet I do NOT recall when Chernobyl happened. I don't recall it ever being mentioned in school at all. Quite frankly, even as an adult I only knew a snippet of what it was all about. It wasn't until the rumbles of the anniversary coming up that I ever did the research on my own to learn the details of just how catastrophic the whole event IS as this is just as relevant in today's society as ever.

They have built a sarcophagus over the plant to contain the remains of the plant and another is in the works to better maintain the leakage. To wrap my head around the fact that this will be a presence until 2525, OVER 500 YEARS from now, is mind blowing.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Found a solid number four to the list...

Waaay ago in a post far far away...yea, anyway, I posted a while back about the top 5 celebrities you would like an opportunity to "meet". Now in another post NOT so long ago, I was very clear that there isn't one I'd care to kiss and that I really don't have a desire to just jump in bed with anyone however in the spirit of the game there are some I would love to meet and talk and do truly admire. Well, the list has been solid from the jump: 1) Salma Hayek, 2) Sara McLachlan, 3) Susan Sarandon, and now (DRUMROLL) .

4) Sara Ramirez

Which just goes to show you I DO have something for women whose names begin with "S" eerie isn't it????

Anyway, I noticed her immediately since she joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy which is about the only and I mean truly ONLY show I watch anymore. Evidently she's done MUCH theatre and I'm only sad I haven't the chance to hear her sing or see her in a production. Something to look forward to I suppose. I've added her site to my list for newsworthy events and to expose her even further to those who'd like to acquaint themselves with her work. She really does have a hell of a bio and the potential to be an incredible star to reckon with. There's something about her that really reaches through the screen. Think it's those smoldering eyes? Maybe? A little?

LOL - but there truly is something quite captivating about this woman and talk about heat - ouch! So, she is definitely in the top 4 and I feel very confident and COMMITTED, dare I say - to add her in my top 5 women of all time. Yea, she's a keeper!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The alphabet meme

Taken from Kelly who got it from Boysenberry and so on or not...?

This is an A to Z mini profile of stuff about me - you know, blogs are truly quite narcissitic, eh?

Anyway, enough about that, let's get back to me...I swear this is the only place I'm so self-involved...really! So, without further ado, me:

Accent - Yankee with occasional tones of Brittish (or so I've been told)
Booze of choice - Filth stinkin DIRTY Vodka Martini (thx Doc M for the hook up)
Chore I hate - Poo duty (4 dogs) and bathtubs, ew
Dog or Cat - Dogs (see prev FOUR)
Essential Electronics - Laptop, PSP, SP Advance, and MP3
Favorite perfume/cologne - Zirh, Kenneth Cole Reaction, and Tommy (all male fragrances)
Gold or Silver - Gold. I like silver but my skin definitely prefers and looks better in gold.
Hometown - Born in Yonkers, NY - transplanted in school yrs to AZ (always a yankee at heart)
Insomnia - Have spells now and again.
Job Title - Which one?
Kids - Four. This way each dog has a representative for their unconditional love ; )
Living Arrangement - House with partner and four kids (presently week to week with ex).
Most Admired Trait - That I admire? I admire courage and confidence (NOT arrogance).
Number of Sexual Partners - At one time or in my lifetime? This is too vague a question and requires clarification for me to respond...
Overnight Hospital Stays - Hey, I just did this. Once 1/06 and before in 1972 (sm. intestine op.)
Phobia - Not a particular fan of spiders, not in the slightest. If you go to step on them they can jump and climb really fast on your leg and eeaadla;ehshhhh just freaked myself out...
Quote - "I am the master of my fate and the Captain of my soul."
Religion - Agnostic mostly but when I'm pushed I'm downright atheist.
Siblings - Older brother and sister and one younger sister.
Time I wake up - There's no sched as my day starts and stops all over the place day by day.
Unusual talent/skill - I am a phenomenal at ironing clothes and I love it - very therapeutic.
Vegetable I refuse to eat - Lima beans, peas, and brussel sprouts.
Worst Habit - I'm sure I'll be told later something worse but all I can think of is leaving shoes around.
X-rays - Every part of my body at some point in my life. My parents were once accused of abuse! I was a major tomboy with a 6yr older brother I was determined to keep up with.
Yummy foods I make - Shredded chicken nachos and shrimp scampi over vermicelli.
Zodiac sign - Virgo, 100% Virgo.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Living in AZ, when Spring is in the air I begin to quiver in fear of the oncoming months (ergo HEAT) as summer draws really super fast and I then truly get cranky and angry because it's freakin hot!
However, this Spring has brought with it, a little something cool. First of all, it has shown a mild change from Winter with us not quite yet reaching 90's so I'm quite happy with that. But more so is I have finally arrived to a place where I need to move on. As I know I've mentioned before, I work in a cube. Yes, I'm one of those. I've been working as an appraiser's apprentice to earn my hours and experience to test and receive my license which takes approximately 18 mos. to 2 years. I have about a year left to go - not quite however it has been quite slow and although interesting, it's not a secure, steady income that I have grown spoiled in receiving.

Well, after coming down with a Spring cold, a bit of a nasty one too( I know, again!?). So, I was out a few days at work which led to my manager being concerned. Hold on - he wasn't concerned that I was sick again only a couple months from being out of the That doesn't happen in the corporate world. His concern was for the amount of days I've missed this year. Mind you I did return with my doctor's note and I had the hospital docs, report, and short-term disability paperwork filled out for my hospital stay - guess he mistook that for a vacation resort??

So, fuming with smoke from my ears and fire from my nose, I decided I've finally f*cking had enough and began searching for a NOW career while continuing the path toward my license. If I had the time and financial means to do it all over again, I'd have finished in Forestry or perhaps some form of geological study - LOVE volcanoes...but I don't so I needed to find something not requiring school, starting salary not far from what I'm leaving behind, and something that ties into what I am working towards with land and real estate inspection/valuation.

So the City of Phoenix is hiring and I'm looking and I met all the criteria and the salary isn't great but do-able and it's relating to planning and zoning so I thought, why not? Worst that happens is I don't get the job however I now have the fire in my belly to get my ass in gear and move on. I have been more than dissatisfied for long enough and it's not like it's getting any better.

It has definitely lightened my step the last few days and my partner and I had a wonderful weekend because of it. Not that I'm out of the clear but for a few days at least I have felt a little lighter and a bit brighter to feel (if only in fantasy) that I'm some place happier. It's amazing what a negative atmosphere can do to you. In reality life truly is too short to waste that kind of time - ten years this May. Although to be fair I didn't detest the place like a sickness until three years ago so...I've been pretty fortunate.

So I take my exam in a couple of weeks and already issued a brand new PRETTY resume in an attempt to dazzle. The long term goal is to be with planning and zoning with parks and recreation. Anything outdoors would be splendid for a while - I know - but I hate the weather in the Summer?!?!?! It's all good if you love your job. It's been a loooonng time since I could say that. But just how I've felt the past couple of days - I can't wait to get off this coaster and join the human race again. Wow, I've been working graves for over eight years...I can only imagine... I need a napkin - drooling at the thought! LOL!!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

viewpoint from the march

Okay, so today I attended the march down to the Phoenix capitol, in white, as requested. I do understand and agree with the need for immigration reform. It's not cool that a country built upon immigration is using terrorism to close their borders, an argument can be made for it but then to take it a step further (at least in AZ) they are making it a FELONY to assist anyone who is illegal or those already living in the US whether you are in the system awaiting a chance to become legal or not. Now there is a 5 to 15 year wait for legalization and hundreds upon hundreds of thousands seeking legalization. This just doesn't work and change is in order.

The big bone I have to pick here (and there are two) is that we will allow big businesses to off-shore jobs to countries that DO NOT spend the money here but we are refusing hard working, tax paying (some) illegals to work jobs no one is willing to work (let's be honest) for half the money but DO SPEND the money in OUR economy. They go to local grocers, banks, clothing stores. Where does that guy from India or Malaysia who took AMEX jobs go for food? Oh, some place in India or Malaysia? That's right! So what the hell sense does that make? It's okay to take our jobs AND our money and f*ck our economy but god forbid we allow honest people to work their asses off and spend what little money they do make back into our own country..yea, okay!?

Bone to pick number two ... I was at the march and everyone was pleasant, respectful, and well organized. There were American flags everywhere along with white t-shirts and free bottles of water being dispensed to avoid anyone be dehydrated. The problem? The chants were all in Spanish. Now while I agree with their cause and their belief in the march I feel a huge opportunity was missed today. As an American and an English only speaker, I felt slighted. Much in the way the Mexican flag was removed from today's march, speaking Spanish only and not translating into English too still sent the same message. They are not interested in becoming part of this country but seem to be biting off their nose to spite their faces. I understand there is genuine sincerity about being part of this country, I do believe that. However, the first rule of thumb in debate and persuasion is to know your audience. Who are they talking to? They are speaking Spanish to a government that is primarily English. They are trying to appeal to the masses of this nation and gain support from others(who, again primarily speak English) and have the country united but they send the message in Spanish?

Where was the disconnect? It sends the same message as waving another country's flag! You are not sincere you are not interested in becoming united. I can appreciate that some don't understand English however that SHOULD be required to gain citizenship; this I do agree with and not on a grand scale but I believe a certain level of communicating is in order. That aside, how difficult is it to learn a sentence? Say it in Spanish AND English this way it IS united it IS one. They totally missed on a great opportunity here today and for that I was disheartened. I no longer wanted to finish the walk because I FELT THE LACK of sincerity and that they were truly sending the wrong message. THEY are missing the point and speaking to the wind because they aren't ready to join this country they simply want to stay and reap those bennies.

Not what you want the lawmakers to think...not what you want the nation to think. That's not how you gain support but how you lose it. I wasn't necessarily turned off today but I did feel like I was walking with people that didn't perhaps appreciate my presence in trying to support them. White America and non-Spanish speaking Latin Americans were not appreciated or regarded in today's march. How do you not include those trying to support you? That is just plain ignorant.

All in all it was a quiet march today and why? Because at least half those attending either didn't understand the chant or weren't comfortable saying it only in Spanish. That's a shame.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Doc M's Threez

3 Names U go By:
Taking the 5th

3 Screen Names U Have Had:

3 Things U Like about Yourself:
Good speller.
Quick tire changer.
Wide range of music taste.

3 Things U Don’t Like about Yourself:
High expectations of people.
Stubborn, realizing not always a good thing ;)

3 Parts of Your Heritage:

3 Things that Scare U:
When my dog uses that really low growl.
A cop with a radar gun pointed right at me.
No toilet tissue (see prev post)

3 of Your Everyday Essentials:
Loved ones

3 Things U are Wearing Right Now:

3 of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists:
Sarah McLachlan
Anita Baker
Fleetwood Mac

3 of Your Favorite Songs:
Elsewhere - McLachlan
Tell it like it is - Tracy Chapman
Happy Puppet - Natalie Merchant

3 Things U Want to Try in the Next 12 Months:
Throw clay
Yoga (again)
Karate or Tae Kwon

3 Things You Want in a Relationship:
Unconditional love
True love and support
Surprises (good ones though)

2 Truths and a Lie:
Tap danced for years
Sang on the radio
Went through a windsheild

3 Things about the Opposite Sex that Appeal to U:

3 Things about the Same Sex that Appeal to U:

3 Things U Just Cannot Do:
Eat stuff we just shouldn't eat (fear factor)
Allow bugs to crawl over my body (again, fear factor)
Drive the speed limit

3 of Your Favorite Hobbies:
Music collection
Buying/researching cars
Going for a drive anywhere

3 Things U Want to do Really Bad Right Now:
Go home to bed.
Take a midnight drive.
Hang out on the beach with a bon fire.

3 Careers U are Considering:
Appraisal Consultation and litigation
Forestry Service

3 Places You Want to Go on Vacation:
Train ride along PCH1
Cruise to Greece

3 Kid’s Names:
Ally Bear
Jesse Lu
Elvira (Ella)

3 Things U Want to Do Before U Die:
See Mt. St. Helens
Take a cruise
Go for a train ride cross-country

3 Ways U are Stereotypically a Boy:
I like women
I 'try' to fix stuff
Playing video games

3 Ways U are Stereotypically a Chick:
I have a lot of shoes
I get cranky the week before dot comes to town
Been getting maternal instincts lately

3 Celeb Crushes:
Salma Hayak
Sarah McLachlan
Susan Sarandon

3 People U Would Like to Complete This Quiz:
No one particular

Hm, tougher than I anticipated.

Passing it on...

...taken from Leesa who stole from memphis steve:

1.Last kiss? This evening
2. How do u flush the toliet in public? by foot
3. Do you wear your seatbelt in the car? Most of the time and I too agree with prev answers that the government has no right to dicatate on this issue.
4. Do you have a crush on someone? No
5. Name one thing you start to get tense about if you are close to running out of it: toilet paper
6. What famous person do you (or other people) think you resemble? Kristy McNichol???
7. Favorite pizza topping: pepperoni and olive
8. Finish this sentence: if my life was a sitcom my theme song would be: Closer to Free (Party 5) 9. Do you pop your knuckles? Contantly
10. What song do you dislike the most when it gets stuck in your head? Tom's Diner
11. Did just mentioning that song make it get stuck in your head? No, I have music playing, aha!
12. What are your super powers? Make a great chicken nacho?
13. Peppermint or spearmint? Spearmint
14. Where are your keys? before me on the desk, otherwise hung up on mirror at home entry
15. Who's answers to this questionnaire do you want to hear? anyone willing to participate
16. What's your most annoying habit? stacks of paper that I will someday finally, go through
17. Where did you last go on vacation? 2 days ago
18. If you could punch one person in the nose and get away with it, who would it be? W Bush
19. What is your best physical feature? I like my feet
20. What CD is closest to you right now? Peter Murphy, playing as I type
21. What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator? CranGrape, milk, Iced Tea
22. What superstition do you believe/practice? no one else can touch my fortune cookie when
being picked off the tray and you must take a bite ONLY after done eating
23. When you're in a public place and your underwear gets up your crack do you sit there and
take it, or do you dig it out and let the world deal with it? head to the restroom or behind a
bush, pole, wall...
24. If you could murder 5 people and get away with it, who would they be and why? I wouldn't 25. Do you talk on your cell phone when you drive? yes
26. What are your favorite sayings? What does not kill me..., Six in one..., Your face will stay
that way(just kidding)
27. What song(s) do you sing most often in the shower? not a shower singer
28. If you could go back or forward in time would you and where would you go? Definitely go
back - may different time periods/places.
29. What is your favorite Harrison Ford movie? Indiana Jones trilogy (Last Crusade favorite)
30. What CD is in your stereo? Tori Amos : Venus and Back
31. What OCD qualities do you have? everything ends in #2; microwave time, alarm time, etc.
32. how many kids do you plan on having? Have 4 and considering one more.
33. If you could kiss anyone famous who would it be? No one.
34. Would you really want to kiss someone you didn't know? uh, no
35. What do you do when no one is watching? fart wow, that was!
36. If they made a movie about your life, what actor/actress would play you? oh boy,
lately....Jeannine Garafaelo(sp?)
37. Would you rather die in a blaze of glory or peacefully in your sleep? I'll take sleep
38. What candy, from when you were a kid, do you miss the most? buttons
39. What is your favorite movie? Joe vs. the Volcano
40. Favorite musician(s)/bands you've seen in concert? Just one? Fleetwood Mac, Sarah
McLachlan, Anita Baker
41. Have you ever been in love? A couple of times
42. Do you talk to yourself? who else would listen, of course!
43. Is there anybody you just wish would fall of the face off the earth? Don't care enough to

True Love

as read off MSN.COM - this was just the cutest little bug of a story...

"One night 10 of us were in a limo all completely wasted and my head was spinning. I told the driver I was going to throw up, but he didn't stop fast enough so I just jumped out while we were still going about 20 miles an hour," she recalls to the paper. "I rolled onto the curb and Carey jumped out after me. I was freaking out, desperate to make myself throw up, and Carey was like, 'Baby, do you want me to hold your hair?' And I was like, 'Get away from me.' I was like totally embarrassed."
Then, in a moment that rivals Prince Charming's true love kiss, Hart made a bold proposal: "Suddenly he said, 'Do you want me to throw up with you?' And I was like, er, okay. So he sticks his whole hand down his throat and throws up with me. I was like, that's the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for me."

I can see that...Rock on, Pink!!!

Where is the justice?

James H. Landis, the prosecuting attorney from the Yavapai County Prosecutor's office in Arizona made a deal with two sadistic and twisted men who victimized many campers a few months ago in Prescott, Arizona. When questioned about why the deal was made here are just a few juicy tidbits that James had to offer. This is directly quoted from You can read the full article here.

"Yavapai County Prosecutor James Landis said his office never considered the "broomings" as sexual in nature. Rather, he described what happened as a form of punishment or discipline. He has said his office could not prove Bennett and Wheeler had any sexual intent."

What is mind blowing is this individual did go to school to become a lawyer and with said higher education, you'd think he would understand that having a broom handle shoved up one's ...em, posterior should and WOULD be considered a sexual violation.

But wait, there's more to this man's ignorance. He really just shut his mouth altogether because now BOTH of his feet are permanently wedged between his gums. He further embarasses himself by stating the following:

"He said the case likely would have been treated differently if the victims were girls or if there was evidence that the defendants were homosexual."

Now I'm not sure about all of you folk, but last I saw, most men who prayed on underaged boys were considered PEDOPHILES, NOT homosexuals...and to throw in the idea that if the victims were girls, it would have been handled differently???? That's such an insult to the victims who actually had the courage to come forward about the abuse they sufferred especially in a society that does minimize male sexual abuse - hm? Like this!

If anyone cares to drop them a line or even a phone call here's where to take it.

James H. Landis
Yavapai County Attorney's Office
255 E. GurleyPrescott, AZ 86301-3868Phone:
(520) 771-3338(520) 771-3344
(520) 771-3110(520) 771-3375

I was simply shocked at this man's complete stupidity. It was simply disgusting to know this man, with this"power", made those two bullies a deal for (up to) TWO YEARS after SEXUALLY assaulting (with props) 18 boys.

back to the grind

Recovering from holiday I'm finding it very hard to regain my pace ... day one back at work and I am TIRED! Oh I'm going to start with what was a really good quiz? No that's not right...I guess it's a personality thingie sorta mabobber. I chose to post because it was really spot on to how I see luck. I don't know that I'm all that on the Powerful side, although I do like it in a sick and controlling sorta way.

Anyway, borrowed from Leesa, I'm easing back into blogdom. I'll have more shortly, rest assured.

You Are Internal - Skeptic - Powerful

You feel your life is controlled internally.

If you want something, you make it happen.

You don't wait around for things to go your way.

You value your independence and don't like others to have control.

You are a total skeptic when it comes to luck.

You believe that people use luck as a crutch to avoid responsibility.

You control your own destiny. The universe has nothing to do with it.

You believe everything can be explained - and you tend to over analyze situations.

When it comes to who's in charge, it's you.

Life is a kingdom, and you're the grand ruler.

You don't care much about what others think.

But they better care what you think!