Friday, August 29, 2008


The importance of remembering history, above all else, is to prevent it from repeating itself. On the dawn of McCain's VP announcement (Sarah Palin, Alaska Gov.) it is imperative that the women who are tempted to vote simply for a woman candidate realize the next 4-8 years is in their hands and needs to be seriously considered. The idea of making history by having a woman voted into office is amazing and it is TEMPTING however she is a token woman on the Republican/McCain/Bush ticket. It's just that simple.

As evident by my blog - I was a very strong Hillary supporter. It was heartbreaking to watch Obama take the nomination and I still feel Hillary would have been the far better candidate. Although I am in no way a fan of Obama, I am voting with my head rather than my heart and considering policy rather than history or my own frustrations.

It is so important that we do not pander to the Republican's roose. They are hoping to fnd women voting by heart rather than their intellect. He will not do anything to improve the rights of women. Palin is an NRA member as well as STRONG Pro-Life advocate. She is not a true representation of the majority of women.

In history, women have always been the last considered: last to own property, last to vote, STILL the last to make equal wages. Republican's in office will not change anything. Literally, as it is today it will remain if not increasingly get worse. He is a crafty man, John McCain but he is gambling on women making a "rash" decision. He is counting on women to be suckers with this announcement because he truly doesn't value women or their power. Show him he's wrong. Show him we are not appreciating his false motives and lack of sincerity.

Women have always had the power...we tend to be our own worst enemy. In the 1920's, Alice Paul (of Women's Suffrage) drafted the Equal Rights Amendment. It was introduce to every session of congress from then until 1970 before it ever actually received the floor of congress for vote. In 1972, the amendment was finally represented by congress for the state legislators to ratify. They had seven years to get 38 (three-quarters) of the legislators to take it on.
Before the deadline, already 35 states had ratified the amendment. After an extention, etc. it was the one largest opponent of the ERA that came into play in 1979. Phyllis Schlafly had been in the background speaking with members of state legislator and using scare marketing tactics to gain a momentum of opposition to the ERA. Five of those 35 states rescinded before the deadline. Another extention and much to do was had and the final vote by the new deadline of June 30, 1982 was again, up to 35 states (FL was just shy of being #36) which was still 2 states shy of what was required. It's been written that the campaign of Phyllis Schlafly single handedly defeated the ERA.

Gov. Sarah Palin has been speaking for the past half hour about Hillary's 18 million cracks in the ceiling that she is ready to shatter. She's discussed the 88th anniversary of the 19th Amendement when women got the vote. She lacks passion, sincerity, and finesse. She is an attractive mother of 5 that the GOP is dancing before everyone. The words she spoke were contrived and set up to steal those that were disenfranchised by Obama's nomination.
Don't be fooled, don't vote with your heart alone. Consider the issues, consider what's best for women and all of our country. Consider Hillary isn't done yet. She'll be back and SHE will make history - don't squander that honor on a candidate less deserving.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BO beats down HRC; PEW!

Is he not a grown man? Is he not responsible for his self?

He will lose in November if this Clinton bashing continues. It is the Obama supporters that continue to shove a wedge and their candidate down everyone's throats.

The Clintons are biting their tongues, being incredibly gracious, and stomping for Obama DAILY; they are doing what is expected. They shouldn't be expected to do anything. I read someone raise the point, did Kennedy do this for Carter in 1980? Other examples were given, hell just research history - no other primary runner has done more for the presumptive nominee than Hillary Clinton yet she is still being blamed (prematurely) if this guy doesn't make it to the big house. Give me a break already.

This ungrateful bashing by all of those Obama suporters just pisses us off - in the heat of the moment and out of sheer passion people spew back about voting for McCain. In all honesty, I truly don't think most of those who say it will do it...much like telling to your parents in the heat of an argument that you hate them. But stop talking about Hillary's responsiblity to UNITE the party - we are not her lemmings. We supported her. You want our votes for Obama; Obama you come and get them. Show me why you are my guy. Because you clung to her skirt in every debate "I agree with her but..."

Stop talking about the Clintons and start talking about your policies, your direction, your plan, hell discuss McCain, NOT Hillary. THEN you MIGHT have a chance at the White House.

Belated ...

Just wanted to post on the recent nuptials of DeGeneres and De Rossi. Des anyone notice the last name similarity? Okay stupid pun/joke whatever...

I thought it was very nice they were married amongst little fanfair and much kudos from the press afterward (and prior as well). Although McCain didn't give her a great big ol' hug for good luck when she discussed her upcoming marriage on the show, overall I do believe her visibility is another helpful step in this journey. I do wish them all the happiness - she provides much happiness and an open heart to all of her fans daily. DeGenerOUS is a very deserving woman and it's nice to see her be able to enjoy this event in her life ... it's a far improvement from society 1997! Thankfully!


Chaos brews. No wonder air traffic control is such a high stressed job!!!

What a goofy guy...and pretty girl!

The hat doesn't qutie fit but I couldn't resist buying it anyway. He's becoming quite a little man these days. Weighing in over 13 lbs. he is quite the eater. She's not far behind at 12 1/2 lbs. But they are both doing great.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hon and I have been snacking on Hershey with almonds lately. Seems it's been a new staple in the home for the past couple of months. SO, I took a quiz and came up with this:

What Your Taste in Chocolate Says About You

You are sweet, mellow, and easily satisfied.

You don't like anything too intense and dramatic.

Deep down, you're a kid at heart... and you're nostalgic for the past.

You are friendly, witty, and likable.

You charm is overwhelming. People are enchanted by you.

You have a comeback for anything. Because of this, you seem flippant at times.

You love the feeling of accomplishment. You enjoy doing what's important.

You feel lost when you have to do frivolous tasks or hang out with shallow people. It was fun nonetheless. Although that last lineis spot on!

Hillary Part Deux?!

Just sharing some buzz found on the web since the VP announcement.

Obama supporters are angry with HRC supporters for "being bitter" and "sour grapes" etc. however their own arrogance is beginning to cause some dismay for those who were merely leaning on the B.O. side of life. They need to humble themselves and extend themselves to the HRC or they will fall short come November.

"The bond we have is that we've all been bullied by Obama supporters and heard misogynistic slurs against Hillary. I was actually called a racist by an old friend. It's been unbelievable."

I've experienced this one first hand...a family member who perhaps knows me better than anyone threw the race card in my direction when I said I was an HRC supporter last Feb. The "discussion" grew quite aggressive and loud quickly and ended terribly. We are both supposedly on the same side (Dems), no?

"She can't even breathe without it somehow being derogatory towards him.they are already bellowing that "she must do more to make her supporters fall in line."

When all else fails, blame someone else. She's been a target of the media from the jump and appears to just be collecting more and more heat as the race grows longer and his rating slides ... although I heard there was a recent jump after the Biden announcement.

"I understand her decision to support Obama. She is a pol. I am a voter. Look at what happens when he picks a VP. They make it all about Clinton. And thus, she has won already in many very important ways. This country never will be quite the same."

This country, hopefully, WON'T be the same. It's time sexism is just as bad as racism. The jokes aren't funny and history has shown women to always be the 2nd class citizen, last to gain the vote, last to own property, perhaps last to be elected into office?

"... when she hits the stump for him, she also hits the stump ...for downticket Dems who are suddenly discovering the Obama Gravy Train isn't as overflowing as they had been promised it would be."

It never is as green as you think it to be. Time will ultimately tell and they can try to spin the hell out of it if/when it happens but we will know. We will see it for what it truly is. Hopefully we can believe the hype.

"Hillary's shoring up her support for her inevitable run in 2012. She...see(s) the handwriting on the wall and it ain't pointing toward Obama raising his right hand on Inauguration Day."

It's not that we can't survive another 4 years of the elephant in the room. But should we? Is it wise for our country and what will happen in the meantime that someone else will eventually have to dig us out from under?

"But, when her time comes, people will remember her hitting the stump, raising money, getting much needed votes and being someone who came through for them even in the face of ridicule and scorn from Party Elders, the MSM and the Nominee of her own Party."

Will they? Or will they be angry that HRC supporters (now going by PUMAs?) wouldn't vote or voted McCain? I've read Obama supporters stating they don't need her 18million votes and if they lose they will be sure not to vote for her in 2012...yet the PUMAs are accused as vindictive? Pot calling Kettle, hello...

"This woman is anything but stupid and...knows the value of relationships. Especially in politics."

Stupid she isn't, flawless, no but she does know the game to play and when to play it. According to some sites, her numbers still outweigh McCain but I never put too much stock into polls. Who really knows the numbers and margin for error, blah blah blah. Hell, perhaps this is all drama for naught simply to prevent a boring election year?

*Quoted comments gathered from Talk Left "comments" which is linked to my


For the full article read here.

In San Fransisco, in 2002 there was a horrific death of Diane Whipple by her neighbor's two dogs. Mauled to death, Lacrosse coach Diane Whipple died in front of her door in the apartment hallway. One of the dogs owners had been walking the dog when the attacked occurred. She was tried for second degree murder and found guilty, then it was reduced, and recently now has been reinstated.

She's already served 3 years of her 4 year sentence (released early for good behavior) and now is back in custody appealing the reinstatement. She's looking at 15 to life for second degree murder. Her disregard for other people and lack of concern over her dogs' actions was disgusting. A civil suit by Diane's life partner was successful and the money then donated.

I followed this from the beginning. It was such a devastating story and because of the woman's sexuality, there was some margin for setting precedence as well. Especially pertaining to the civl suit against the couple from Diane's partner.

The idea of her death and the process that took place and how this woman didn't do anything to prevent or truly stop it is mind boggling. I hope it sticks.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dog Rescue and Youth Program

Don't know too much about this organization but what I have researched shows they are AWESOME! Check out their site here.

If you are local, show some support or help out a furry friend. They have some great animals looking for a permanent home. If I weren't caring for five dogs, two torts, a turtle, fish, and bird ... I'd be inclined myself. But when the time comes, I'll be stopping by!

Sadly not surprised

As read on,

"According to a recent poll run at gaming site What They Play, parents are more worried about video game exposure than they are about exposure to violence, alcohol and porn. On one of the polls — of 3,000 parents — 27 percent of them were most offended by two men kissing, in front of the 26 percent that found a graphically severed head unappealing."

How is the U.S. not beyond this by now...?

Vicky Christina Barcelona

I've never had an opinion of Allen's work, good or bad before. Some were good, some not so good. That in addition to little knowledge of the film VCB, I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it truly was. Hon and I had a date night and the bogos stayed with friends while we dined and saw the feature. I had a very vague idea of the film's premise and it seemed like the right genre for what we were in the mood for. Everything over the summer is generally action packed adventure blah blah which isn't necessarily bad but does get BORING...we definitely didn't want to be adrenaline rushed.

Anyhow, I recommend it. It's not mind blowing or life changing but it did add to our dinner conversation and what was quite humorous was upon our entering the theatre two older women were departing and discussing their distaste for the film, "what a waste of time" it was and how they "never cared for Woody Allen" anyway. So what part of the movie attracted you ladies to spend money to go see it? We were cracking up and thanking them (out of earshot) for ruining the picture for us, jokingly. Perhaps their attacks upon it only help me enjoy it more.

The movie also made me enjoy Javier Bardem more as well. He just recently won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at this year's academy awards (first Spanish actor to win). I thought then how handsome he was but hated the haircut in the movie, "No Country for Old Men". Then when I saw him at the Oscar's it was "wow!" he's got presence. Seeing him in this picture solidified my opinion.

There's this new persona of men in the celluloid world these days. You still have Clooney, Pitt, Costner, and Cruise making films and covering magazines but I think that's all about to change. They are not the macho guys of Swartz and Stallone yet these guys are very attractive, but not pretty, men. They are a man's man kind of man...oh man, whatever.

Anyway, what's best is they can act very well. I've enjoyed just about everything I've seen them in from Timeline to Lara Croft, Weeds to Grey's Anatomy, Bent to Children of Men, and even the soaps they reside upon until they choose to move on. They are a very handsome crew.
Javier Bardem, Thorsten Kaye, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Clive Owen, and Gerard Butler - in preferred order.

Looking forward to seeing more work by them; hey, I may be a lesbian but I can still appreciate a very good looking man now and again.

Ode to Tron

Before school, after school, half days, weekends; my friends, boyfriend, and I would live at the corner store and hang out in the back smoking cigarettes and playing TRON when ever possible.

We learned the patterns we spent lunch money, birthday money, holiday money, allowances, everything we had on TRON. It was the best game ever because it was 4 in 1 games. It was fast, cool, different, and we thought we were awesome because we could kill all the spiders, we outsmarted the cycles, we cleared the cones of ALL the blocks not just dodging our way in. Tanks, pshh, too easy. It was a nice time in retrospect. I enjoyed it in the moment as well. But being older and looking back on the time spent just hanging out with no place to go or things to do...that was childhood.

We rode our bikes around town just to get there. It was a small sense of independence; a small moment of freedom. I'd get so lost in that deli and my father knew exactly where to find me...unfortunately with a pack of cigarettes sitting on the table...oops! We laugh about it now, I've also since quit and am anti-cigarettes but it was a moment.

Some day when I am setting up for retirement, and I've got my vette rag top in the garage all polished, the boat stored for the season, and the cabin in the woods being renovated, I will acquire this arcade phenomenon and spend countless hours trying to remember how I beat those three cycles and cleared the fast multiplying spiders via round 4. I'll have plenty of time trying to figure it out...unless I'm fighting to get one of the kids or grandkids off of it by then. I may even have Hon addicted. It's been known to hem, SNOOD.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can it be...?

Although it has been my long standing belief that Dagny Taggert could only be played by none other than Jodie Foster, I have read and can see the possibility of another actor in the role.

"Edwin A. Salt" will undergo a title change, and if everything falls into place, the film shapes up as a return vehicle for Jolie, who recently gave birth to twins. Another candidate for her return is the Lionsgate drama "Atlas Shrugged," which has been adapted by Randall Wallace from the Ayn Rand novel.

Even at an older age than the character I still see Foster slam-dunking this role. It is her from head to toe and I don't know that Jolie can pull of the stature of Dagny as well. Albeit it's taken forever for this movie to get off the ground and considering the celebrities in this role's age category I think Jolie is a great alternative.

Taggert is a strong willed and minded woman with class and posture. She doesn't mince words and can be quite gruff while still being quite attractive and desireable. She's independent and intense with just the slightest bit of vulnerability.

Jolie has a serious shoe to fill with this one. She's done the intense and strength roles with Foxfire, Hackers, Lara Croft, etc. She's shown vulnerability as the CIA agent's wife which was nice and subtly played out in the Good Shepard. I quite enjoyed her in that movie actually.

Now she has to combine all of that whilst remaining postured and superior. There's a part of me that thinks she may just be too sexual for the role...I don't know, I'll have to marinate on that one. I'd like to see who will be playing her antagonists...never mind John Galt, who is Hank Reardon?

Should be interesting. I look forward to the day it's in the can!

No more balloons!

Many grew up on it and many still enjoy it. For those fans you may want to peruse this site! I'm referring to Peanut Butter. If you weren't aware there is a Peanut Butter Ban you can read about further on MSN.
While reading the article it reminded me of another ban popping (no pun intended) up on campus. No Balloon Zone. This is just recently posted all over the Sandra Day O'Conner High School. There is a balloon with the striked out circle over it and "Latex-free Zone" beneath it. Evidently a new student has arrived that is allergic. The school agreed to ban balloons from the HS for this student.

This isn't grade school folks. I would think a teenager (amongst a crowd of condom carrying teens) can avoid touching a balloon that a friend or group of friends may bring in to celebrate another's birthday, no? Are we so without personal responsibility that everyone must go without the whimsy of helium to save one childs inability to save him/her self? How will they cope in the real world as their employer won't likely make the same concession? Why would the school and their parent opt to place their child in an unrealistic setting or bubble?

As it mentions in the article (referring back to pb), traces of peanut butter can be left behind on the tables, chairs, utensils. It can unknowingly be transmitted to the "victim" and cause very disastrous consequences. Understandably, there are greater issues with Peanut Butter as it is primarily a young child's diet staple.

They aren't thinking about consequences as much if at all and can be thoughtless and / or careless. I don't agree with but somewhat understand the PB ban as there is a greater risk for a younger child/children not to realize the dangers involved. It would be great if a compromise were worked out. The little one's school has Peanut Free Tables in the cafeteria. Many schools do this and appear to have success. I think bans in general aren't nearly as effective anyway.

My issue on this post, however is the latex free zone that SDOHS is enforcing. Is this a ploy for busting kids with condoms? Or is this just a sick witch hunt for clowns? Inquiring minds demand to know!

It truly is unrealistic and I think there needs to be a protest.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Babe pics!

They are growing cuter everyday. She is such morning sunshine the way she is so pleasant and easy going. He's my night owl. Rubbing his face with red eyes struggling not to miss a thing as the evening wanes. They are wonderful.

He looks almost angelic in this photo - I love this shot. Hon was patient and just kept clicking away and voila!

This is her personality to the T! She is always smiling and laughing...she even snorts when she laughs. Very contagious!

I really liked this shot of the two of them. Again, Hon with her patience and digital was able to get them both looking at her at the same time. Trust me, no easy task as he is not much of a fan of the camera or its flash. She, on the other hand, is quite the poser.

Her first pair of jeans. She digs them.