Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mmmm good weekend...

So we went to Chicago for a week and ate like crazy. Did much walking about as well but I mention eating because...well, that was really good food. Went to Kinzie Chophouse and although I ordered the filet, my hon had the herb chicken and it was by far the most scrumptious dinner ever. I'd certainly make it my mission in life to partake in that again. I did let her have her own dish however I sat eating my good steak whilst still kicking myself for not going for the chicken. WOW!

Also, went to see Wicked!, finally. Another wow here. By far the best musical I've seen and I've been to quite a few. It's my second favorite play; only beaten by Art of Success. Just an enjoyable show with which I will never watch Wiz of Oz the same way ever again. Sorry it took so long to get to it but so very glad we did.

So we checked out Navy Pier, Cloud Gate, all the restaurants required while in Chicago, as well as Miracle Mile which wasn't all that great however we did do some awesome shopping at Guess' clearance rack! Cha!

Did the CSI thing at the Sci and Ind. museum - we solved our crime ;) - also checked out the Shedd Acquarium, River Architecture Tour, Wrigley Field, and this amazing "rally / protest / exhibit" of Eyes Wide Open.
Incredibly powerful - it's overwhelming standing there amongs thousands of boots and then the Iraqi's shoes as well.

Just a really great holiday week/end was had and the weather couldn't have been better. Truly sorry to come home to the temps but it was nice to be home. Especially because the baby, Ella, entered her third heat when we left, timing was right upon the return - we got her and her beau together for a night of passion and at 4 am this morning (oh yea I'm tired) they finally got it right. So...we'll see how they did.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just rest!

For such a hateful person this political cartoon fit him to a tee, hit the nail right on the head, pinned the tail right on that jackass...and whatever other phrase applies, insert here.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lindsay Lohan is the hottest woman in all the world

At least that's according to Maxim Hot 100 list ...WTF!??!! I guess that speaks volumes on the magazine's readership. You guys are CLUELESS!!! I can't even believe they printed that schtuff. Who else made the list, you might ask; well I'll tell you:

1. Lindsay Lohan

2. Jessica Alba

3. Scarlett Johansson

4. Christina Aguilera

5. Jessica Biel

6. Ali Larter

7. Eva Mendes

8. Rihanna

9. Eva Longoria

10. Fergie

Salma Hayak...90 ...yea, right...

Halle Berry...50...no way...

Avril Lavigne...15!!!! Are you folks on crack!?

Now I didn't read this magazine but happened across an article scoffing such a horrific result in the objectification of women. I'm not saying lists are bad...I have my own personal 5 in which I've mentioned long ago. What I am in shock over, however, is the lack of overall hotness in which this list should have been made up. There is no brains / beauty combo here and those further down the line certainly do not qualify to be there behind their predecessors (per list).

Geez guys, do the math!?!?!?!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pics of the day...

Bolting out of work 'cause I'm burnt and tired. Took a half night as I spent the day celebrating Cinco - here are some pics from the splash park. All the kids (and moms) had a blast. Temps were mild, wind was great for the kites, but the sun still chapped my hide. The shower was a pleasant relief but alas, I now get to go home and rest.

We also celebrated one of our friend's b-days and played some games; acted like competitive children ourselves!!

I love this face!! He is too squeezable! He did, however, cheat at the cake eating contest. It was to be hands off, faces in the bowls only. But that cool stare down, when I tried to explain the rules, made me back off.

Kids were lounging while the big ones entertained them.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Cell phone pics...I know they suck but still haven't gotten around to charging batteries on the digital.