Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lindsay Lohan is the hottest woman in all the world

At least that's according to Maxim Hot 100 list ...WTF!??!! I guess that speaks volumes on the magazine's readership. You guys are CLUELESS!!! I can't even believe they printed that schtuff. Who else made the list, you might ask; well I'll tell you:

1. Lindsay Lohan

2. Jessica Alba

3. Scarlett Johansson

4. Christina Aguilera

5. Jessica Biel

6. Ali Larter

7. Eva Mendes

8. Rihanna

9. Eva Longoria

10. Fergie

Salma Hayak...90 ...yea, right...

Halle way...

Avril Lavigne...15!!!! Are you folks on crack!?

Now I didn't read this magazine but happened across an article scoffing such a horrific result in the objectification of women. I'm not saying lists are bad...I have my own personal 5 in which I've mentioned long ago. What I am in shock over, however, is the lack of overall hotness in which this list should have been made up. There is no brains / beauty combo here and those further down the line certainly do not qualify to be there behind their predecessors (per list).

Geez guys, do the math!?!?!?!

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