Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Full suspension or Front suspension...

...that is the question. I have been researching and researching. I have decided against 29ers, 69ers, and 96ers. This far I have come - however, I still cannot decide between a fs v. hardtail mt. bike. I have read the pros and cons for both and I guess it comes down to personal preference.
Really liking the Trek 4300, colours and all. I won't be racing so that isn't in my equation but I plan on testing out both within the next week. I am really excited for suspension forks, period. My old 2000 model is as hardtail as it comes - forks and all. I don't even recall when I got it - perhaps older than 2000. It was from Toys R Us, an old Huffy? but I am not sure.

When I built it I didn't put the decals on so it's just straight blue, pretty but with grip shifters (blech) which was the newest thing at the time, and no disc brakes, plus it's one heavy bitch for sure. That actually may do me some favors as I am a beginner but I can only imagine what the lack of suspension is going to do to my forearms and shoulders. Trail riding will be very interesting. I'll need a mouthguard.

So I continue to ponder which way to roll - looking forward to trying both out - but I am leaning towards hardtail simply as they are not only less expensive (not by much via CL) but because they are lighter. Regardless, I just want to get dirty. May not have the Jeep anymore but I can tear through mud on either of these.

Not this one - this one runs over 4k but it sure is inspiring.