Monday, October 26, 2009

Road Trip

Heading to visit mom again - leaving out tomorrow am. I'll miss the babies, and the kids, and of course, Hon but it will be good to go alone and take the drive. Flying into Memphis and have a 3 1/2 hour drive to Doniphan, Mo. Have no idea about Doniphan; my brother just moved there with my mother a few months ago. I was just getting acquainted with St. Louis...oh well.

The weather is for shit all week long - T storms and Rain. I return Friday through another TStorm and then Saturday thru next Wed. they expect sunshine and clear skies...LMFAO!

Anyhow, I've got my CDs and Ipod ready to just have to do laundry and pack clothing and toiletries...PRIORITIES MAN!!!???

Friday, October 16, 2009

Elected official doesn't believe in Interracial Marriage???

Hm? This sounds so familiar!! Read more here. Found this on CCN this am and was intrigued at how so many people found this appalling and asked for the JOP to step down from the position as he chose not to marry people for being an interracial couple. Apparently, he did this to protect the kids that may spring from this union. He said he wasn't racist but couldn't personally endorse the marriage so his wife referred the couple to someone who could help them out.

The couple, feeling discriminated against, were married 10/09 yet still went to an attorney to file against the JOP who did not perform the ceremony. Now, one of the arguments against allowing homosexuals the right to marry is that we would be forcing people that do not endorse these marriages to perform them or face litigation, as in this case. People not endorsing homosexual marriages are for similar reasons as given by this JOP. The parallels are uncanny - and to think, Loving v. Virginia gave them the leg up on this.

There is no good reason for denying anyone the right to marry another (consenting adult). Of course you have to add consenting adult because morons will throw children and animals into it whenever given the chance...or even refer to polygamy, which I still don't care about as long as CONSENTING is the main ingredient. Seeing this matter, we thought resolved decades ago, come up really shows our society - biased as ever, failing as ever, evolving...not so much!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Mormons Rule?

So they want to build a temple. This will be a temple in my neighborhood that a VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE will actually be allowed to enter. It will hinder the view and tranquility of my neighborhood and increase light pollution every single night. Don't get me started on the increased traffic the two-lane road will suffer under and the arguments supporting this temple are futile.

My property value will not triple; I'll gladly sell to someone interested should that actually occur. The lights from the ballpark and water slides do not hinder my view of the mountains nor the sky as they are in the opposite direction and AWAY from the mountains of Thunderbird Park. The water slide was re-built (as in, already existed) and beautified when remodeled - and EVERYONE is entitled to come and go as they please during business hours. The same cannot be said for the temple. Lastly, why build something where the majority of the neighborhood doesn't want you there?

"The church wants to be a good neighbor, if there are concessions that need to be made they are willing to look into it, " said representative of the church Paul Gilbert.

...Yea, I'll be over for decaf coffee and cookies! A good neighbor would take space in a commercial area where they would be more welcomed. Let's see if the size decreases or the spire goes without a light...I can't imagine what concessions would TRULY be considered.

There is a fight brewing but according to most articles I've read, City Councilwoman Thelda Williams, who is the mediator between the church and the neighborhood, has gone on record,

"The option can't be, we just can't have it, period."

Everyone knows the mormon money shadows the land and wins their battles...let's look back to Prop 8 from almost a year ago. So, although I'm not opposed to stopping this temple from being built, I'm not sure I will invest much energy in doing so as it doesn't look like that's an "option." Just don't placate me that you're considering concessions - that's lying and we deserve more respect from "good neighbors" than that.