Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vroom Vroom!

Our son is super turbo charged with testosterone. It's amazing how he and his sister are polar opposites on the gender scale. Chloe walks around on tippy toes carrying her baby and feeding her stuffed lamb. Her voice is climbing higher by the hour to the point of injuring dogs and he is growling and scowling to all who will hear his thunder.

He has a plastic tub I dubbed "the garage" which houses his various cars and trucks. They are about adult fist sized and some go with the push of a button, others light up and play music. He plays with them daily and every day - sometimes several times a day - I have to wrangle them up with him to show him to put them back in their garage. Chloe will grab one or two just to get his attention and run with them just to tick him off - payback for an earlier offense on his part, no doubt.
After much yardwork (again) yesterday and various chores, Hon and I come in to find him tearing up and down and around the living room and dining room and hallways with two fists flailing. In them are matchbox cars. I do not know where he discovered them; perhaps the boys room - he loves the treasures he finds in his older brothers' room when he sneaks in there...he and Chloe both try to sneak in often.
He won't put them in the garage - he carries them through diaper changes, dinner in the high chair, and pj time on into the crib. He's driving up walls, along the baby/dog fence, and crib railing and revving his engines as he goes. He is all boy! It's amazing. Chloe just looks at him like he's nuts.

Sunday, April 04, 2010