Monday, May 29, 2006


Went to LA and saw Madonna at the Forum. Incredible show, great moves, wonderful voice, incredible body - completely entertaining and almost over stimulated. Constantly something moving about on different points of the stage. She's playing two shows in the valley but we were unable to get tix. Then I spotted NO PRESALE for the LA shows and thought, hey we might have a chance...scored two seats and flew out for the night, chilled in the Westin LAX and flew back the next morning.

We walked 3 miles to get there hoping to pick up some dinner on the way but this was not a plac for restaurants apparently so we noshed on soft pretzels at the venue. Met up with Izzy and B who were gracious enough to give us a ride back to our hotel after the show. Thank you, ladies!!!

All in all, very cool people, wonderful crowd, and a really good time. If you get the chance, I highly recommend her!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I must thank my beloved...

With all of her thoughtfulness, she surprised me today with a gift - one I would have never suspected but love and appreciate all the more. Babe, YOU are wonderfully understanding and just fabulous in general. Ta daaa:

Not that it came in all that clear from my cell phone but it's a personally autographed pic (HOT PIC) from Sara Ramirez - I've mentioned her before (see prev post) and it's really an incredible pic which, in the black frame, goes GREAT in my (er OUR) bedroom...LOL. Love it!

Scoping for the fall!

There are several adventures I've come across over the past few years that I'm going to focus on happening this Autumn 2006. One that I had planned on about 4 years ago with someone I had briefly dated was the Havasu Falls hike/camp weekend. More on this can be found here. I'm not in the shape I want or need to be for this. Five years ago, yea but now - pshh, no.

So, I've been gradually getting myself back on track since the first of this year and all the 'incidents' that occured with getting sick etc. I enjoy going and when I'm in the gym there's nothing like that time you get to just be with you, ya know? But to have a physical goal beyond just getting healthy and getting your youth/figure back etc, it's more of a motive for me anyway to have these trips as an incentive.

So, after doing some more research on the area and other hikes I've uncovered a few other places one being The Wave which is north of the Grand Canyon. It's between the Arizona and Utah borders and from what I've read it actually crosses into both states. It has been given major kudos as a substantial hike and from the different picks I've seen it is quite a sight. The stratus and formations look incredible - be looking forward to uploading my own pics when I get there and back. That one I can wait on. It's the Canyon falls I want to explore first as it has had my heart the longest.

My hon doesn't know it yet but we're going to get in on this one. The only thing I haven't decided on yet and much of that will depend on my endurance at showtime; is whether or not to backpack in and camp creekside or stay at the lodge 2.5 miles from the actual falls and just daypack in and out over the weekend. I know the only way to go is the backpack but with supplies at the most minimal it's adding at least 30 lbs. of gear etc. We'll have to see. It's 21 miles of hiking round trip and the first 2 miles are straight into the canyon by way of switchbacks. I'm not the most graceful so in the interest of injuring myself, we may even opt to bring the packs down by mule...another we'll see. This will be by far the most difficult I've ever done - listed at a 4 from 1 - 5. I'm ready to welcome the challenge and plan to do it again and again. I hear the trip is quite addictive.
I've never been a huge fan of the state from a day to day perspective but there really is so much to explore in Arizona and I've hiked plenty already in the Sedona, Payson, and Flagstaff areas.

I hiked a lot in my 20's and my dog, Ally and I have seen and swam through a lot. She isn't in the shape she once was either so I'll have to make the treks without her and just show her the slides when I get back. But yea, there's at least one of these trips I plan to make this fall. If I have time I'll try to squeak another in before October ends.

Getting excited.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

L Word

On my right amongst links I tend to check on now and again is L News and on that site during one of the great articles was some info on You Tube where there are really clever and funny being this one. Would really like to take another lunch after viewing it?! Damn!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Alright already, my words of "P" !!! OKAY !!??

Given to me by Minta I will now begin my long awaited list of words that start with the letter P and if you haven't noticed this is me still stalling...P? WTF, P?!

1) Wahhahhhaaaaa(Sesame St. Count Dracula voice)
For reals now:

1) Plump - sounds juicy and reminds me of those commercials where the dogs plump as you cook em but never turned out like you thought they did on tv - now I refer to them as lips. There's all that cosmetic goo out there to plump lips...effective? I don't know...anyone?

2) Perfection - lost cause to actually strive for, it's just one of those things you happen upon. You'll be just going with the flow on vacation or whatever and by dinner you realize as the day wanes that it was perfection. Love those!

3) Passionate - another one of those words that I feel has lost its impact. With tv being so desensitizing and everyone just reaching for the quick fix that we all know and love as instant gratification; the passion has been lost in most if not all that we do. That is something I'd like to think I strive to regain.

4) Perversion - can refer to sexual in nature or justice among other definitions. It's the act of something abnormal or considered deviant. As long as all are consenting I like perversion. When it comes to justice, not so much but either way it's a great strong full word. Lot of feeling and understanding behind it.

5) Pugnacity - another one of those words that just sounds what it is. Meaning aggressive or beligerent it's just a nasy get into it kind of word. Almost sounds like it could be a curse word, " you pugnacious ass!"

6) Poetry - it's a form of writing in various styles and with unlimited subject content. For me it's a nice outlet of thought, emotion, an overall stream of consciousness. It's an easy purge of whatever it is that is in me whether it was angst, love, lust, depression, confusion - anything.

7) Pretension - an exaggeration or ostentatious display; GREAT word. Very fitting in much of today's society as well. The whole pretense of being more than one is or portraying what it is that they think they are expected or should be. Fake people bore and annoy me.

8) Prehistoric - this word means belonging to an era before recorded how do we know it exists? Fossils, rock records, and hieroglyphics. A true account for what happened before us. I like the word because it is more telling than the tales of religion however religion tends to ignore the prehistoric time.

9) Prophecy - not that I buy into it but it is one of those words that sprouts thought. What if and what would it be like etc. The idea of a prophet or to have that deja vu thing mean more than a hazy recollection...

10) Philosopy - saving the best for last : Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.
Best class I ever took and probably the most effective/meaningful class I ever took. To study those who rationally explained their theory behind no such thing as motion or altruistic behavior; you could understand and give by in based on their reasoning. At the time I studied this what really clicked with me was in regards to truth of life. The only true science is math and although math was never a strong subject of mine it was something that was exact, accurate, and never changing and TRUE. History and religion are based in perception - these are not true and valid means of acheiving understanding and as simple as that is, most people can't get past that. Letting go of the belief system our society relies upon is huge. In college, that was a nice bit of weight to let go of.

Protagoras was also a famous proponent of agnosticism. In "On the Gods," he wrote, "Concerning the gods, I have no means of knowing whether they exist or not or of what sort they may be, because of the obscurity of the subject, and the brevity of human life."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

AIMS is crap!

There's a new system that 's been much a buzz for the past several years and it is in regards to AIMS testing for graduation. I've been having issues with the current level (or lack thereof) of education in the valley as of late and after reading this I just shake my head and wonder who really knows what the hell is going on.

The real problem at hand IS the AIMS test. Schools are set up from grammar school, like 3rd grade and on, to test kids on AIMS and teach kids based on AIMS and to ensure they know and are prepared for AIMS. This test is to make sure kids, at graduation time, are capable of displaying a 10th grade reading, math, and English level of knowledge. Sounds good, right?

Most everyone who is online in chat rooms and the like have probably seen the atrocious spelling and grammar used. Hell it is protocol for those environments to acronym the hell out of everything or slang up any form of the English language possible. Problem is, it isn't left in the chat rooms; it is actually brought into the classrooms as well. I've seen work turned in that is ridiculous and would have never even been accepted 10 years ago. But today, it's graded and handed back.

I know I've mentioned reading, reading, and reading for this up and coming generation to get the mind working on how to really talk, spell, and write but the problem is, why isn't this taught in school?

I have a Freshman in HS at home who still is unable to formulate a thesis statement, the basic5 paragraph essay, and the differences between an adverb, a preposition, and a pronoun. Is this her fault? NO - yet as long as she passes the final test she will graduate. Hello!? She's a freshman?!

Furthermore, I have an 8th grader at home who is quite capable of writing a cohesive paper and has no difficulty in math, science, etc. However, he is lazy (typical teenage boy) and doesn't turn in his work or it's shoddy work or what have you. He has received an F in 2nd and 3rd quarter English with a D his 4th. He has an F in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter for math. He has an F in wood shop??? and an A in gym. I think he now has a C in science? Not sure on that one but you get the point.

This kid is graduating 8th grade. How you may ask? Beats the hell out of me. The only way I can rationalize it is because they know he CAN do the work but opts not to. Is this more of the leave no child behind rhetoric that gets him moving forward? No clue, but next year he'll be a freshman and I can only imagine the shock he is destined to receive there(or maybe not). So while I don't care for the editor's stance of PRO AIMS I can agree with her, on the above article, that sueing the school may not be the smartest answer for the girls involved as AIMS is evidently the ONLY thing schools are teaching. I have two kids at home suffering from the process of today's system regardless.

There's one that isn't being taught the information she should and the other who is being shuffled along regarless of his lack of effort. Something is wrong here, VERY WRONG. And on almost a daily basis I shake my head confused at how our country is just growing dumber and dumber by the generation. I'm not trying to make fun of today's kids and I'm sure on some level each older gen feel this about those in HS etc. But a D was a D and you didn't pass on a D. When did this change?

You can't blame the teachers because they are dictated to teach this stuff. If they go off on their own they can get in trouble, lose their jobs, take a chance the kids don't pass AIMS...

I'm not a teacher and frankly do not have the patience for it. I've tried going over the material at home that they should know and help fix their papers but an hour after work 3-4 times a night doesn't sink in when they've spent 6 or so hours in school not having this info and learning something entirely different. They don't even have vocabulary in HS anymore? Maybe just not for Freshman? and the school district and schools themselves were rated quite high w/o incident. Go figure. I guess we'll see next year.

Rant over

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


So I have this dream about hooking up at an outdoor concert with Nick Lachey and the Simpson clan is sitting in lawn chairs several rows closer. They’re giving me the evil eye and I’m flipping them the finger. Ashley’s threatening to jump my ass and I’m just like "bring it on and I’ll show you a beat down."

Now I wake up bewildered to say the least because not only am I a total lesbian but I also do not give the slightest shit about the Simpson/Lachey whatever. I have no interest in any of today’s starlets' gossip. In my day, now I’m old, our celebrities weren’t stealing each other’s boyfriends or cat fighting at parties/clubs. Today’s ‘celebrities’ are a joke.

Anyway I slept about six hours today which is good for me but it was up and down; I kept waking up. You know, when you wake up but don’t open your eyes because you know it’s too soon? Well I just lingered like this until about 4 this afternoon. Finally getting my butt out of bed I brush my teeth, splash some water on my face, and go to the kitchen for something to eat. All along I feel like I'd been run over by a truck. Ashley, the bitch, was probably driving.

Is this to be serious? God hates shrimp?

Go here to read more and check out the "store" - love the banners; Jesus didn't wear a lobster bib...COME ON!? This can't be for real?! Someone out there, anyone, help me out here.

Monday, May 08, 2006

MEME from Minta

BTW, can someone tell me what that is? MEME? It's like when chat rooms first started and this chick kept saying IM me and I said I'm me too??? Like WTF who cares?!

I'm outta the loop can someone bring me in?

I AM: tired of doing the same thing.

I WANT: more patience and understanding.

I WISH: I did something I enjoyed for a living more over, I wish I knew what that was.

I HATE: my F*CKING job

I MISS: woods, waterfalls, hiking trails and 4 seasons.

I FEAR: I will never find peace within.

I HEAR: anger and frustration everywhere from everyone; it is our society.

I WONDER: why we don't change it

I REGRET: not finishing school and graduating.

I AM NOT: ready to give up.

I DANCE: when the music fills me.

I SING: as I drive.

I CRY: NEVER...when no one is around.

I AM NOT ALWAYS:, those who know me are laughing, more like never

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: shadow puppets? Goofy phrasing.

I WRITE: to purge and exercise.

I CONFUSE: myself.

I NEED: a really long vacation, getaway, or adventure.

I SHOULD: be more motivated to get things done.

I START: stories but never finish them.

I FINISH: my household projects eventually...not like there's a deadline, usually.

I TAG: Any takers?

It's not my lead foot!?!?!?!

According to Consumer Reports the EPA and car manufacturers have some 'splainin' to do!

Not that we didn't already know that but due to gas prices as they are there's been closer speculation and testing regarding the MPGs you find posted on the car's stats sheets. As sampled from the article read off of yahoo (which can be read but linking off of Consumer Reports above)

"The guidelines for the tests were set by the federal government decades ago, in the late 1970s."
You think much has changed since then??? Sheesh even the way cars are made is far beyond the iron tanks of Continentals and Fifth Avenues back then.

"...Chrysler says the four-wheel drive diesel version of the Jeep Liberty gets 22 mpg in the city. Consumer Reports tested it and found it got more like 11 mpg.
Honda claims its hybrid Civic sedan gets 48 mpg in the city. Consumer Reports found it only gets 26 mpg -- a 46 percent difference.
Chevy's Trailblazer EXT four-wheel drive is supposed to get 15 mpg in the city. For Consumer Reports, it was 9 mpg."

WOW - can you imagine expecting 22 and getting 11! Now in my experience, and I have been through MANY a vehicle, I check my own mileage and I've found them to be quite close and I do tend to drive hard on a vehicle so...I don't know if this is off of the hybrid and diesel models especially or not.

I did have a Liberty that was a V6 and on a good day saw 18 mpg HWY yet I now run about with a V8 Explorer third row and receive (on a good day) 19-20 mpg HWY. So, I'm not sure that I'd go with this full board however I have heard the hybrid stats were pumped beyond truth and without testing or owning one I can't say if that is valid or not. Anyone care to share the hybrid experience?

At any rate, I've been car shopping again; I'm going for my Saab 9-3 FINALLY and I don't really care what the MPG is on it anyway but I did find the article interesting and for those who are in the market looking at that as a factor, BE AWARE - seriously!

Vampire infant spotted!!!!

Brad and Angelina...causing concern.

As I mentioned in a post some time ago, there was buzz about a movie being made after the novel Atlas Shrugged and at the time of which I had heard and read about it, Jodie Foster was being touted as playing the main lead, Dagny Taggert. Well this just in, check out the full article here, it would seem Hollywood's super couple, no the other one(Brad and Angelina) have shown great interest and according to the report, "Not making the denial file was a recent Variety report that said the A-list amours might be on the short-list to topline the long-in-the-works big-screen adaptation of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged."

I do see him as Henry Reardon, I can do that. However, her for Dagny? No. I like her, I do and I have enjoyed many of her pictures but she doesn't have the sophistication that Foster would bring to it. And quite frankly, I didn't see the chem in Mr. and Mrs. Smith to want to see them together on big screen again anyway. I enjoy their work separately and do hope it continues to stay that way....we'll have to see what the final result is on the picture - should it EVER get made in the first place, eh?

Can you say, Hypocrit?!

Okay, it's been a while that I've posted, this I know. I've been buried in a book I wanted to finish so with that done I can catch up on the latest news that just set me off.

Seriously giving benefit of the doubt, I tuned into PrimeTime last Friday to see the interview with Cheney's daughter...I'm not even going to use her first name because she is evidently without any identity of her own anyway.

I can appreciate that she may be a republican, lesbian woman. Is she? Still don't know although she does answer questions like a politician. While I will definitely give her credit for poise and excellent articulation, I can only say she has more spin potential than a merry-go-round.

She spoke of her struggle and inner conflict during the 2004 presidential campaign as they had an obvious hard stance against homosexuality and their hate was such that they actually sought to amend the constitution to further discriminate against homosexuals for marriage, adoption, breathing, etc.

He life partner of a significant time has been embraced by her mother and father and is one of her family although never to be legal? How does one compromise their own freedoms and beliefs to back their father? Regardless of her father, she stated she would have STILL supported and elected Bush?! She did make mention that she couldn't run the race soley on this one issue however given it is HER life that she was touting for it's not just a sole issue any longer but your own future.

My father and I adamently disagree with politics and he does see it as special rights and doesn't think kids should be brought into the mix as they have it hard enough, and blah blah - and I love him and he loves me regardless of all this. However and I stress HOWEVER - I would NEVER support his political platform, ideas, beliefs, or vote him in knowing he does not serve MY best interest at heart - one in which has no bearing on the rest of the world in the terms of REALITY and not religious rhetoric.

Do I understand her relationship and love for her parents, yes. Can I understand her support under the 2004 campaign...absolutely not. She was a tolken and got used, period.

Whew...I'm back! LOL.

Finished! Just...

It took two months longer than I had anticipated but I did finally complete Fingersmith. WOW! Best work of her's I've read yet. It took me to page 70 to move with it but once I reached that mark I flew through the book. It's been a 'bible' at my side for the past week where I've been reading bits and pieces at every given moment available.

Anyone who's read Sarah Waters knows she is an incredible story teller as her previous works: Tipping the Velvet and Affinity are both set in 19 century London and spin incredible character development that pulls you right in. Fingersmith is on the same page as her previous novels. Started a bit slower or else I just had a hard time getting going but like in Affinity where you end the book with such emotion and betrayal, Fingersmith ends the first part with that same blaze of emotion. Part two continues the rollercoaster of emotion bringing you rushes of anger and panic as well as the plummetting lows of pain and suffering. Finally, in part three, you are brought so high in the climactic moment that you can't breathe and are running through line after line and page after page wishing you read faster and faster to find out the secrets and fates of the characters.

Looking forward to picking up the DVD and seeing if they can re-enact this story as well as they filmed T the V. With Part One and Two overlapping in story, it will be interesting how they maneuver the movie.

And although it hasn't been said - I HIGHLY recommend this, still palpatating over the ending.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Nice Genes...are they Levi?

Blouse is quite fetching as well! Don't know who she's talking to but they are getting on her nerves, it would seem.