Saturday, May 20, 2006

Alright already, my words of "P" !!! OKAY !!??

Given to me by Minta I will now begin my long awaited list of words that start with the letter P and if you haven't noticed this is me still stalling...P? WTF, P?!

1) Wahhahhhaaaaa(Sesame St. Count Dracula voice)
For reals now:

1) Plump - sounds juicy and reminds me of those commercials where the dogs plump as you cook em but never turned out like you thought they did on tv - now I refer to them as lips. There's all that cosmetic goo out there to plump lips...effective? I don't know...anyone?

2) Perfection - lost cause to actually strive for, it's just one of those things you happen upon. You'll be just going with the flow on vacation or whatever and by dinner you realize as the day wanes that it was perfection. Love those!

3) Passionate - another one of those words that I feel has lost its impact. With tv being so desensitizing and everyone just reaching for the quick fix that we all know and love as instant gratification; the passion has been lost in most if not all that we do. That is something I'd like to think I strive to regain.

4) Perversion - can refer to sexual in nature or justice among other definitions. It's the act of something abnormal or considered deviant. As long as all are consenting I like perversion. When it comes to justice, not so much but either way it's a great strong full word. Lot of feeling and understanding behind it.

5) Pugnacity - another one of those words that just sounds what it is. Meaning aggressive or beligerent it's just a nasy get into it kind of word. Almost sounds like it could be a curse word, " you pugnacious ass!"

6) Poetry - it's a form of writing in various styles and with unlimited subject content. For me it's a nice outlet of thought, emotion, an overall stream of consciousness. It's an easy purge of whatever it is that is in me whether it was angst, love, lust, depression, confusion - anything.

7) Pretension - an exaggeration or ostentatious display; GREAT word. Very fitting in much of today's society as well. The whole pretense of being more than one is or portraying what it is that they think they are expected or should be. Fake people bore and annoy me.

8) Prehistoric - this word means belonging to an era before recorded how do we know it exists? Fossils, rock records, and hieroglyphics. A true account for what happened before us. I like the word because it is more telling than the tales of religion however religion tends to ignore the prehistoric time.

9) Prophecy - not that I buy into it but it is one of those words that sprouts thought. What if and what would it be like etc. The idea of a prophet or to have that deja vu thing mean more than a hazy recollection...

10) Philosopy - saving the best for last : Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.
Best class I ever took and probably the most effective/meaningful class I ever took. To study those who rationally explained their theory behind no such thing as motion or altruistic behavior; you could understand and give by in based on their reasoning. At the time I studied this what really clicked with me was in regards to truth of life. The only true science is math and although math was never a strong subject of mine it was something that was exact, accurate, and never changing and TRUE. History and religion are based in perception - these are not true and valid means of acheiving understanding and as simple as that is, most people can't get past that. Letting go of the belief system our society relies upon is huge. In college, that was a nice bit of weight to let go of.

Protagoras was also a famous proponent of agnosticism. In "On the Gods," he wrote, "Concerning the gods, I have no means of knowing whether they exist or not or of what sort they may be, because of the obscurity of the subject, and the brevity of human life."


DrM2B said...

whoa..oh whoa..oh whoa oh...oh!!!!!

PUSSY...KAT...PUSSY..KAT....WHERE R U?!?!?!? U and your PUSSY KAT WAYS!!!....U forgot my FAVORITE!! ROFLMAO!.....ok..Ok....U did it wasnt THAT painful?...was it?!?! LUVya...Mean it!.........oh and I have stubeans subaru for two weeks starting tomarrow.....where we going?!?!?

Goeve said...

Yea, that's not a word I'd care to list thank PAINFUL, that's a word I could have used for certain. HA!