Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Love THIS show! I wait with baited breath for Friday nights (was on Thursday nights).
Hon has an uber crush on Lana Parrilla

She's hot, I'll give her credit. I love her character, her clothes, her attitude. They really wrote her wonderfully. She's strong and considerate and loyal and vulnerable. Very multi-faceted.

The show is incredible. Well written, amazing attention to detail. Where do they get this stuff? The old wall phones with the rotary dial! The wall paper, truly attrocious.

It's great fun to watch and is awesome to see another showing at how families are different. First there was Big Love and now Swingtown. Progression? Maybe, just maybe.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

last night!!

So, after 12 years of vampire-ing-ism(?) I am working days. I know, that's all I've talked about for the past week but it's surreal that it's happening.

I really cannot fathom what that will be like but I'll be finding out soon enough.

I am happy for it too so I won't miss night with the babies and I'll actually get to sleep with Hon at night and spend the weekend with the kids. I hope it really does allow us to do more together. I am excited.
Peekaboo, what big eyes you have...
Hon took some pics tonight of Grayson and was kind enough to send them my way asap rather than show me tomorrow afternoon.
I opened the first pic and started laughing aloud. Damn that boy is pretty! I am biased, I realize, but he is handsome, no?
Practially sits up all by himself already!?!?!
Naww, not yet but he is growing fast!

Anyway, I'm posting some of them here. She took well over 100 just in this latest session. She sent me about 20 or so. I'm posting a few here.
It does put a smile on my face when I see them. It's so odd to have spent so much concentrated time with them and now that I'm out a few nights a week they seem to be changing so much!

Yep, he's done!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

back to the grind

If only we were talking coffee, folks!? Nope, I'm back at work for what will be my last week working nights. As of next week I will be a day person, a normal person, a person who walks among the rest of you. I haven't done that in over 12 years...yikes. Will I blend? Guess we'll see although on my days off this gig for the past few years I have worked in an office doing real estate valuation so I'm not oblivious to pretending to be mortal..whaaa haa haaaa!

Yes, I get back to that now as well. One of the guys from the old office tracked me down. He left me a voicemail, " ...if this is (so and so) could you please give me a call, I have a proposition for you..." So we met up two weeks ago and set a plan in motion. I'm working on my FHA qualification as I, er, type - so I can take advantage of the unfortunate state our housing market is in. Seems all these forclosed props are being processed through banks via FHA loans rather than conventional. With that said, that's where the market is and if an appraiser wants to work well they need to be able to write reports and inspect via FHA requirements.

He's a good guy with a lot of prospects so it was a boost I needed to get excited about working with the real estate again as my mojo had waned a notch. Whether I can make a go for certification by end of September, it's doubtful. I'm going to try to make the submission asap so I can test prior to the 10/31 cutoff but the exam is a bear and I lucked out passing the first one the first time as it was. I really don't think I have much leg to stand on for this one. But, I'd like to go at least one round if possible. No one has to know...right?

Otherwise, kids are good, babes are good, house is coming along, and I'm going to have more of a real life, hopefully, with the new sched so things are feeling pretty positive. So why am I looking for something more?

Over the years I've held a lot of jobs, many various jobs. I've said before I've never worked this long anywhere before. Not even close. I don't necessarily want to leave as it's steady which I love but I'm itching. With twin newborns, two pre-teens, two teens, a full-time job, a startup part time job, Hon and her two jobs, a house really crying out for some landscaping and I'm thinking about going to school again. WTF is wrong with me? I must have been an octopus in my last life, we both must have because Hon is just as off the wall with keeping her plate full.

Perhaps it's because I was couch anchored for so long? I physically felt completely unleashed today. I was bounding up the stairs two at a time tonight and can breathe freely and it felt great. I want more in every way shape and form. I'm ... itchin'!

So, where did I put the calamine lotion?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Where's that 8-ball?

The MAGIC 8 Ball, that is! If you recall a few months back I posted about this. We were discussing this last week. That was perhaps the real deal 8 ball now lost to us forever because we laughed at its powers.

We thought it merely entertaining and funny and cute and what we had was potentially all the world's answers at the mere shake of the plastic object with fluid and tell-tale funny shaped dice inside. Now we'll never know all the things we could have known due to our arrogance and mockery...drat!

Actually we did laugh at the thought that perhaps that WAS a magical 8 ball after all. The odds that it got all the answers correct aren't staggering but it wasn't just one or two questions we asked and each question was answered accurately, especially in hindsight about the sex of the babes. Coincidence...believe it....or not?! LOL

Sunday, July 20, 2008

TWO months old today!

Back to work on their two month b-day. Was much tougher leaving them than I anticipated. They seemed out of sorts today as well. So far Momma is managing just fine with them at home alone.

They've had me 24 x 7 for the past 2 months sans an hour our two while shopping maybe two or three times. I am keeping myself occupied with internet catch up tonight which helps - plus I have my laptop in tow so I have mucho pics of them to keep me company! LOL!

For the past month we have travelled to Flagstaff for pride.

We've had company from out of town over the past three weeks and we went to Sedona, Jerome, Beaver Creek and Montezuma's Well. They been all over the place and we can't say enough great things for the Bjorn carriers. What life and back savers!!

For their 1st Jly 4th they had three different holiday themed outfits.

Thankfully, in this instance, they tend to make a mess and need to be changed at least once or twice through out the day. They wore them all! Looks like they're attempting "the running man" move in this pic!

Here's lookin' atcha!