Sunday, July 20, 2008

TWO months old today!

Back to work on their two month b-day. Was much tougher leaving them than I anticipated. They seemed out of sorts today as well. So far Momma is managing just fine with them at home alone.

They've had me 24 x 7 for the past 2 months sans an hour our two while shopping maybe two or three times. I am keeping myself occupied with internet catch up tonight which helps - plus I have my laptop in tow so I have mucho pics of them to keep me company! LOL!

For the past month we have travelled to Flagstaff for pride.

We've had company from out of town over the past three weeks and we went to Sedona, Jerome, Beaver Creek and Montezuma's Well. They been all over the place and we can't say enough great things for the Bjorn carriers. What life and back savers!!

For their 1st Jly 4th they had three different holiday themed outfits.

Thankfully, in this instance, they tend to make a mess and need to be changed at least once or twice through out the day. They wore them all! Looks like they're attempting "the running man" move in this pic!

Here's lookin' atcha!

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