Monday, July 21, 2008

Where's that 8-ball?

The MAGIC 8 Ball, that is! If you recall a few months back I posted about this. We were discussing this last week. That was perhaps the real deal 8 ball now lost to us forever because we laughed at its powers.

We thought it merely entertaining and funny and cute and what we had was potentially all the world's answers at the mere shake of the plastic object with fluid and tell-tale funny shaped dice inside. Now we'll never know all the things we could have known due to our arrogance and mockery...drat!

Actually we did laugh at the thought that perhaps that WAS a magical 8 ball after all. The odds that it got all the answers correct aren't staggering but it wasn't just one or two questions we asked and each question was answered accurately, especially in hindsight about the sex of the babes. Coincidence...believe it....or not?! LOL

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