Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boy or girl?

As the weeks dwindle down everyone is in theory mode of what we're having. Grocery shopping the other day the two little one's (now almost 11 and 12) were walking with me asking an "8 ball" questions.

1) Am I preggo with twins? Yes
2) Are they a boy and a girl? Yes
3) Are they two boys? No
4) Are they two girls? No
5) Am I preggo with one? No

They insisted we buy it due to it's amazing accuracy...jury is still out on how accurate it is but they were drawn to it and fascinated by it nonetheless. I must admit I was inclined to believe it as well.

So...some say it's two boys for my face hasn't changed at all, only slimmed a little. Some say it's also boys because I am carrying low...depends on the day really. The heartbeats supposedly say what the gender is; the slower the heart rate the more likely it's a boy and the higher rate a girl. We've been about 10 beats off each time. The latest was 124 and 146 and it's consistent on which baby is lower than the other...hm!?

But in my own experience, a woman with child that was a girl had a complete face makeover au naturale! See example :

No that's not Ms. Piggy nor is it Kathleen Turner standing beside Jennifer Lopez. It is the woman herself transformed before all carrying twins; boy / girl twins to be precise. Notice the width of her nose and chin. If she hadn't been pregnant the tabs would have plagued her with a nose-job-gone-wrong story. It will be interesting to see how she transforms back post-pregnancy.

I've also seen this in family members as well. The idea being the daughter takes all her beauty from the mother hence the mother's, em...change in appearance. I still hold on to that we are having one of each and that they WILL HAVE HAIR! We have another u/s this Wednesday and hon and I guess they'll be about 3 lbs or so each.

Hopefully we'll get more info on the hair status. It is so uber important to me ( bald with taped bows til 5 years of age). We're still working on the name thing although we have much bigger fish to fry as we're really not prepared for what is about to be bestowed upon us in ... oh 6 weeks or so?! Not that I even have a clue how we're not prepared I just know, instinctively we'll say, that we're not! LOL - the two things on my list to still finish up are getting the carpet installed (trying to set appt.) and getting the fence put up around the yard so we can let the dogs enjoy the WHOLE yard and the kids can make their fort with the interior wood fencing that will come down.

Now that we finally got our taxes out of the way we can get these other projects moving right along. What a monkey on the back that was!? I was really enjoying those tax commercials though; the lady at the bus stop yelling she knew what time it was and didn't need the pressure - yea, I was feeling that!!! But it's finally done and hey, we get money so it can't be all bad.

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