Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does...part deux...

Calif. high court upholds gay-marriage ban

This state is bankrupt in more way than in just the financial.

California is upholding the approx. 18,000 gay marriages that took place prior to the vote ... exactly how does that work???

Will those who did marry really receive the respect deserved? No.

California sucks! I am furious. This country is still backwards after all these years...when will it learn from history? I am getting tired of waiting.

What if homosexuals (and those supporting ), in turn, BAN CALIFORNIA? Watch how fast that government, that state, crumbles. Who do you think contributes so much money into your system? If those who lived there, supplying you with property tax, sales tax, and income tax, among others - were to leave, how fast would your state sink? The voters margin wasn't that large - take their incomes into consideration and you will lose more money than you think.

Consider visitors as well. If homosexuals (and supporters) take their money to travel elsewhere this will create some hurt on the state as well. Will it happen - I would really hope so. I travel to CA usually once if not more per year. I give Mickey his money along with the boardwalk, hotels, restaurants, etc. Not anymore.

When you consider we are celebrating the idea of the first Latin Woman Supreme Ct Justice (if confirmed) but marriage is still a battle ground? Hello, it is 2009! We are still pushing for equality in TWO THOUSAND AND GODDAMNED NINE??? We ranted over the first AA POTUS only months ago, now a Latin justice. Hell, even IOWA accepted marriage should be legal. WTF Cali?

They aren't the only state with the ban but to have made it available, then to take it away, and again have it reinforced - it's just disgusting. The people of California supporting this decision are disgusting. I hope their children and the generations that follow can live with the embarrassment they've created.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does...

and that stupid is whoever is running the Circle K "summer" beverage discount.

So I walk in to the kitty litter infested (see prev post for more details) convenience store, Circle K, this afternoon with my QT cup to refill. It's a 32oz. so I figure the sale price for the Circle K 32 oz. Thirstbuster should still apply. Nope. Refills are $.96.

That's right. I was asked to pay MORE money for not using a cup. So I was told it was cheaper to use a new cup than a refill. I did my time at a Circle K near two decades ago and they didn't inventory cups however, according to the clerk, they do now.

After grabbing the cup out of the sleeve, I paid the clerk, walked over to the trash can and threw away a brand new cup. They weren't advocating the policy; merely upholding it. Another patron in the store thought it was pretty damn dumb as well. But someone is getting paid the BIG BUCKS to make these kind of decisions that us simple folk just can't seem to understand.

Yes, this country is facing a deficit of magnanimous proportions. Does the CEO of Circle K by chance work for the government too?!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kill your TV?

It's already dead. Trying to catch up on all the shows that once were I have come to terms with my shows being cancelled. I am no longer in denial - I am now in the angry phase.

Can someone, anyone, explain how a piece of shit show such as LOST stays on air season after season yet Life on Mars is cancelled?

Survivor continues, hell, even Big Brother continues yet there is no more Dirty Sexy Money - no Swingtown?!?!?!

Television is seriously lacking any real creative writing, acting, talent of any kind. These programs were clever, funny, conniving, interesting!

Bravo bought the rights to Swingtown so we were excited however I found out they only bought the existing 13 episodes to re-air. They have no interest in producing a second season and since they DO own the 1st no other channel/network will be interested in producing it either. WTH!!!

Just another reflection on our denegrading society - tis a shame that the only thing on television making money are the bloody programs ( CSI, Law and Order*, Heros, Medium*) or total crap (Bachelor(ette), Big Brother, any other reality series).

Where are the Seinfelds and Friends...it's not like I'm asking them to bring Moonlighting back - although I still say that was television at its best (seasons 1 and 2). Well, I am going to mourn and get outdoors more often. Not like I watch tv all that often in the first place and now even less. Thank you, networks, for getting my fat ass off the couch.

* granted I watch and enjoy these programs I still like variety and with Grey's being crap writing up until finale and Private Practice having turned to Addison into a weak woman I am seriously losing programming interest, fast!

Mother's Day pics...

Hon just sent over the link to her web for the latest pics from Mother's Day. We had a really nice time with family in the pool and having dinner. The bogo's had a great time in the water...their first excursion into the pool. Grayson kicked his feet nonstop and Chloe did a wonderful job splashing. All that tub time really paid off for her!

Anyway, here are the pics - the weather was perfect, the pool refreshing, and the food delicious!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Up all night...

...used to mean something really different. LOL!

Chloe had a night - BOY did she have a night. Would not go to bed so she hung out with me on the couch til just after midnight. Laid her down and she was up again screaming at 2 am. Put her in bed with me where she tossed and turned and was up and down til about 5am where Mama finally put her back in the crib where she eventually cried herself to sleep. My alarm went off at 5:20 to shower and dress and go to work.

I guess Mother's Day is over - there are no lingering affects - HAHAHAHA.

Here are some overdue pics - some are Grayson flirting with these "older" girls (3 and 5) at the table next to us at the Macaroni Grill. Another (above) is Chloe showing her attitude because I won't let her in the kitchen. Then when we went car shopping after the accident for the new van, Grayson was just like his Grandfather (and myself) and relished the idea of new car smell.
And here is Chloe really enjoying her "chipper" oatmeal chocolate cookie from Paradise Bakery. I missed a major opp here because the chocolate consumed her face shortly after this pic. But due to the amount of filth I had to "parent-up" and clean her rather than get the pic as we were out and about and I didn't want her outfit ruined. How droll, right?! Eh...next time!

They are getting around more and more on their feet these days. The countdown has begun and we are nearing the ONE YEAR mark. Everyone is coming into town this weekend for the B-day and Graduation party. It should be a lot of fun. Plus we have trees* now so it will be pretty AND fun.

*The trees are 15 and 24 gallon so they are little now but one day they will be mighty!! Redwood and Shamel Ash and Chinese elm....so excited!!! Plus we planted Red Tips hedges along the side and the sprinkler system is working - what could possibly be better?!??!