Monday, May 18, 2009

Kill your TV?

It's already dead. Trying to catch up on all the shows that once were I have come to terms with my shows being cancelled. I am no longer in denial - I am now in the angry phase.

Can someone, anyone, explain how a piece of shit show such as LOST stays on air season after season yet Life on Mars is cancelled?

Survivor continues, hell, even Big Brother continues yet there is no more Dirty Sexy Money - no Swingtown?!?!?!

Television is seriously lacking any real creative writing, acting, talent of any kind. These programs were clever, funny, conniving, interesting!

Bravo bought the rights to Swingtown so we were excited however I found out they only bought the existing 13 episodes to re-air. They have no interest in producing a second season and since they DO own the 1st no other channel/network will be interested in producing it either. WTH!!!

Just another reflection on our denegrading society - tis a shame that the only thing on television making money are the bloody programs ( CSI, Law and Order*, Heros, Medium*) or total crap (Bachelor(ette), Big Brother, any other reality series).

Where are the Seinfelds and's not like I'm asking them to bring Moonlighting back - although I still say that was television at its best (seasons 1 and 2). Well, I am going to mourn and get outdoors more often. Not like I watch tv all that often in the first place and now even less. Thank you, networks, for getting my fat ass off the couch.

* granted I watch and enjoy these programs I still like variety and with Grey's being crap writing up until finale and Private Practice having turned to Addison into a weak woman I am seriously losing programming interest, fast!

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