Monday, May 25, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does...

and that stupid is whoever is running the Circle K "summer" beverage discount.

So I walk in to the kitty litter infested (see prev post for more details) convenience store, Circle K, this afternoon with my QT cup to refill. It's a 32oz. so I figure the sale price for the Circle K 32 oz. Thirstbuster should still apply. Nope. Refills are $.96.

That's right. I was asked to pay MORE money for not using a cup. So I was told it was cheaper to use a new cup than a refill. I did my time at a Circle K near two decades ago and they didn't inventory cups however, according to the clerk, they do now.

After grabbing the cup out of the sleeve, I paid the clerk, walked over to the trash can and threw away a brand new cup. They weren't advocating the policy; merely upholding it. Another patron in the store thought it was pretty damn dumb as well. But someone is getting paid the BIG BUCKS to make these kind of decisions that us simple folk just can't seem to understand.

Yes, this country is facing a deficit of magnanimous proportions. Does the CEO of Circle K by chance work for the government too?!

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Anonymous said...

How about the fact that every time I go in looking for a hot dog, they seem to only have 2 plain hot dogs left even if it is right at a prime meal time. They certainly seem to leave money on the table.