Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does...part deux...

Calif. high court upholds gay-marriage ban

This state is bankrupt in more way than in just the financial.

California is upholding the approx. 18,000 gay marriages that took place prior to the vote ... exactly how does that work???

Will those who did marry really receive the respect deserved? No.

California sucks! I am furious. This country is still backwards after all these years...when will it learn from history? I am getting tired of waiting.

What if homosexuals (and those supporting ), in turn, BAN CALIFORNIA? Watch how fast that government, that state, crumbles. Who do you think contributes so much money into your system? If those who lived there, supplying you with property tax, sales tax, and income tax, among others - were to leave, how fast would your state sink? The voters margin wasn't that large - take their incomes into consideration and you will lose more money than you think.

Consider visitors as well. If homosexuals (and supporters) take their money to travel elsewhere this will create some hurt on the state as well. Will it happen - I would really hope so. I travel to CA usually once if not more per year. I give Mickey his money along with the boardwalk, hotels, restaurants, etc. Not anymore.

When you consider we are celebrating the idea of the first Latin Woman Supreme Ct Justice (if confirmed) but marriage is still a battle ground? Hello, it is 2009! We are still pushing for equality in TWO THOUSAND AND GODDAMNED NINE??? We ranted over the first AA POTUS only months ago, now a Latin justice. Hell, even IOWA accepted marriage should be legal. WTF Cali?

They aren't the only state with the ban but to have made it available, then to take it away, and again have it reinforced - it's just disgusting. The people of California supporting this decision are disgusting. I hope their children and the generations that follow can live with the embarrassment they've created.

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