Sunday, March 18, 2012

sore and feeling

So I busted tail all day yesterday planting trees, hedges, and plants, etc. I wacked my way through an old ficus tree stump and finally conqueured those arms meandering through the earth. Today I pay for it all dearly. Dearly!

Breathing takes some focus. Typing is quite the chore as even the muscles in my hand, specifically between my forefinger and thumb, are inflamed. The blisters on the palms make it unbearable to use lotion to soothe and / or soften my calloused and chapped fingers. It's been quite a day back at work in the "cube" so I am very glad for it to be almost over.

I haven't posted in quite a while so I thought I would take a few moments at the end my day. Been gym-ing regularly and really starting to see and feel those bennies. Bout F*N time is all I can say there - although I have begun incorporating more cardio as fat burning is non-existent which has been frustrating. Took the bik out for a few good rides - especially one up near Camp Verde that was a bit technical. Been hiking a bit and increasing time on the stationary bike as well as rowing and treadmill. Although I have been trying to provide most of the cardio from outdoor activities. It's more fun and mentally stimulating.

Well, yesterday, I certainly acheived both cardio and resistance training. At this point, my forearems are burning and cramping so I suppose this post is done. I'll have to get back to this a bit more regularly - perhaps at least commit to a weekly update - okay - they really hurt now, so terribly sad. I'm out!