Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Skittles overdose

I haven't had sugar in over 5 months.

For whatever reason, the skittles "Tear and Share" pack in the vending machine seemed appealing this morning. I inhaled over half the bag before the "rush" hit me. BLECH!! I'm jonesing the kids are all jazzed up and I know sleep will NOT be mine this morning. I'm hoping, by the time I get home, they'll have calmed some by then.

In the meantime, I am seriously wired!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Take back the MEDIA

Read THIS!

After tonight's debate this paragraph spoke volumes. The "incident" is referring to the diparaging comments against women made by Chris Matthews of MSNBC.

" "This incident, though, speaks to the larger issue that women are not fully represented in our media: when networks—in the year 2008— still cannot seem to find women to anchor serious political programs. That every lead anchor for every network’s campaign coverage is a white male, suggests the work of inclusion is not being done. That every Sunday morning talk show—where what is news is decided—is hosted by men; that every late night show that gives us clever interpretation of the news is hosted by men; and where women behind the scenes still seldom hold veto power over blatant sexist behavior— it means that we have a media that is dysfunctional. "

It/he/they just make me sick.

Guest Post

Hon has been obsessed with the primary election. I've mentioned it before but she is headed for an intervention soon. So, she's been sitting on the couch with her laptop glued to CNN on the television and reading CNN from her laptop simultaneously. She read an article that was, once again, biased and felt obligated to write to CNN. They didn't post her response. Therefore, to get it off her chest, it's being posted here.

It is amazing how everything always comes back to her being a woman. Why is it that people are not more concerned with the issues and her many accomplishments. The fact is that HILLARY can and will get the job done the best. What she has endured in her personal life only goes to PROVE how strong she is. Whether HILLARY stayed or left she would be offending someone, and receive backlash for it. When Bill does or doesn't campaign on her behalf he hurts her. Now Michelle is starting to be criticized...let’s see how they handle it. HILLARY can handle the negative media; she has been tested time and time again and still comes out on top.

We can already see Obama losing the charismatic smile and hear how his flowing tongue is starting to tangle. CNN reported that HILLARY was not looking at him during the debate; maybe they should pay attention to the replay. Watch his body language, his arrogance, his posture, the way he barely looked or acknowledged her. He wrote and wrote and wrote (working on his next novel I suppose). He is starting to believe the hype (bad move). Where as when he spoke, HILLARY showed class and experience, she looked at him, turned her body towards him, would smile, and nod.

I worked in the media for many years, did my time in editing and learned how they manipulate the audience. The media has pushed Obama upon us; HILLARY doesn't get near the positive press. When he is tested and the press turns on him (they always turn) I don't believe he will handle it with near the amount of tact and grace that she does.

For Michelle to say that if "it" (the election) doesn't work this time, "we won’t do this again," shows me that they are not fighters. They are not here for the long haul.

This election is not about race or gender it is about voting for the candidate with the most experience and who will be able to get the job done right. Obama will make a terrific VP, gain the experience and in 8 years from now will be an amazing President.

Come March 04 my Hon may be returning from the land of the political drama and relax her shoulders. I understand why she gets angry; it's very hard to sit by and watch the cult-like phenomenon of Obama and his followers. I suppose, under some guise of self-preservation I try not to focus on this race too much as it makes me sick.

However, I did read a comment from a Newsweek article this eve. The commentor said if Obama did receive the nomination he would vote under a "Write-in" and place Hillary as President and Edwards for Vice. Sounded like a VERY good idea to me.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Where was everybody??

Oscar night, 80th annual Academy Awards. Was everyone working? Was it the strike that made people commit to other plans? There were several new faces on the red carpet tonight but there were seemingly many faces missing altogether. There's always been an amazing showing of Hollywood on AA night and tonight was definitely the exception. Much glamour and glitz but it was lacking something...substance? Style? Sophistication? There just didn't seem to be a "WOW" factor tonight. Just me?

Celebrities flock to this event regardless whether they're up for an award or not so I don't think it was lack of participation; perhaps I'm wrong. Regardless, there weren't enough movies out this past year for me to run to. I did see Michael Clayton, and enjoyed it, amongst a few others, but overall nothing to get me into the theater seats. Apparently nothing came out to get MANY celebrities into the Kodak Theater's seats.

In no particular order...
Susan Sarandon, Jodie Foster, Salma Hayak, Ed Harris, Julia Roberts, Tim Robbins, Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Kevin Costner, Shirly Mclaine, Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Natalie Portman, Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep, Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Connely, Leo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood, Madonna, Robert Duvall, Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan, Richard Gere, Anjelica Houston, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Sean Penn, Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Steven Speilberg, Kevin Cline, Martin Scorcese, Brandon Frasier, Sissy Spacek, Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken, Annette Benning, Matt Damon, Emma Thompson, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Clive Owen, Mel Gibson, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Timothy Hutton, and Kevin Bacon...just to name a few.

Really hoping, now that the strike is behind us, we have a great creative flow about to wash over the nation and dazzle us with some amazing screen writing and entertaining movies to follow.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conditions are just incredible!! (incredible....incredible....incredible...)
Snow in last 24 hours Trace
Storm total 24-29"
Settled snow depth at 9,500 feet 67"
Settled snow depth at 10,800 feet 104"
Season to date snowfall 218"
It's still snowing!!

Heading up Saturday for a couple days of snowplay...well, I'll be making snow angels, snow men, and inciting snowball fights BUT - I am looking forward to the powder!

Hon got the Rainbow Fences group to get together and join us on our annual sled/ski trip. Should be a lot of fun. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some really great pics.

Change we have to believe in...

...couldn't resist; that cult phrase is everywhere...anyway...

Was checking in on the baby boards tonight and read a very sad and stirring update. You can read about it further here.

We mum/mothers/moms/etc. to be have been plagued with so many things to be done. Above and beyond the monthly/bi-weekly/weekly monitoring and testing that needs to be done there is also the preparation at home. Painting the nursery, picking out the furniture, researching the right cloth diapers/covers, learning to fold cloth diapers, deciding the theme(s) for the baby(ies), and last but not least, choosing the automobile for the family.

As I've previously posted, Hon purchase my dream car for Christmas not so long ago and's been discussed and I have been in denial and we've looked at alternatives but with twins on the way it is ultimately not likely to be using the Saab as my ride much longer. Although I have proven I can fit two infant car seats/bases in the back seat, it's not quite suitable to hold much more than that.

We've been doing the research and even tested (rented) a mini van for our latest Cali adventure this year - but have yet to conclude what we will purchase. We currently have the Saab, the kid's Tracker, and a Ford Explorer (7-passenger) however we will inevitably need an 8-passenger vehicle. Our options are gas-guzzling SUV's or dorky-styled minivans. After renting the mv they have much improved and the storage capacity is ridiculously favorable!!! But alas, it is a mv and my Saab driving tush (ego) is having difficulty with that. She isn't going anywhere, thank GOODNESS!!! but not to have her daily will be change enough.

Anyway - my fellow baby-boarder just parted with her auto-love for another, more practical and I felt deeply for her trade off and understood her sadness. The reward for doing so far out weighs the loss but it is a loss nonetheless that needs to be mourned.

Now I know how my father felt when he showed me those pics of his metallic blue Chevelle that my mother MADE him get rid of when I came on board, lol!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Go Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Nearing a potential sunset (March 05) of a most amazing race, hon emailed me a link from The Women's Media Center which she thought I would find interesting. Boy was she right! To read the entire "article", and it is very much worth the read, go here.

The piece is written by Robin Morgan, who is obviously a feminist but also a political analyst, and an American. She brings very valid points to light. Much like comments I made previously, she points to the satisfaction our right AND left media have at punching fun at the woman candidate. She, so eloquently, discusses how gender bashing is alive and well in public and print in our country however the race-card is not thrown on the table ( although certainly discussed behind closed doors ). It also shows how his "silver tongue" and posture (smile) win him a following of lemmings who only see what they are spoon fed via the media.

I won't ramble on further, only to say - take the time and read the article. It's fast, it's brilliant, it's honest, and it's going to be our history very soon (again!)!
Robin closes with the following, as am I, for obvious reasons.

"Me? I support Hillary Rodham because she’s the best qualified of all candidates running in both parties. I support her because her progressive politics are as strong as her proven ability to withstand what will be a massive right-wing assault in the general election. I support her because she knows how to get us out of Iraq. I support her because she’s refreshingly thoughtful, and I’m bloodied from eight years of a jolly “uniter” with ejaculatory politics. I needn’t agree with her on every point. I agree with the 97 percent of her positions that are identical with Obama’s—and the few where hers are both more practical and to the left of his (like health care). I support her because she’s already smashed the first-lady stereotype and made history as a fine senator, because I believe she will continue to make history not only as the first US woman president, but as a great US president.

As for the “woman thing”?
Me, I’m voting for Hillary not because she’s a woman—but because I am."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do not tap the glass.

As a kid, I used to love the mall only for the pet shop. I'd go and fall in love with a puppy, play with it the whole time I was there, only to be heartbroken when torn away to hit Macy's or Bloomingdales with mom and my aunts.

Now, when I go to the mall I avoid the puppy mill pet stores and feel sad for the little critters awaiting a home, a safe and stable, and COMFORTABLE environment. On the glass enclosures, they are forced to "live" in, those tacky, hand written notes, "Do not tap on glass!" still reside and kids clamour in looking to talk mom and / or dad into a new pet.

This all came flooding back to me the other day as I've been feeling a lot of movement in da belly lately. "Get in my belly!" where was I?

Anyway, so I've been feeling tossing and twirling and, I assume, kicking. I can actually watch my stomach on occasion and see the activity. It's an odd and intriguing event, I must say.

X 2

When they get going and grab my attention I watch. They stop. I shake my stomach, pat it a few times, flick at it - anything to stir them up again. Then I wonder, the patting and flicking, the fluid - it conducts noise and I wonder if it bothers their ears. Rap music and heavy metal are not healthy for them and anything over 70 decibals is a no-no. Does the banging on my belly cause an issue? Just curious.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The winds of change or blown smoke?

There's been a splitting of the households, as reported by numerous "journalists" of late. Barack V. Hillary - we've talked about this much at home.

Journalism used to be a proud profession of people taking the risks and bucking the system to get to the truth, the facts, the information our nation has a right to know. Now it seems to be nothing short of tabloid fodder that they all buy into, spreading their opinions on every issue under the sun as if it were sunshine. Does anyone (FOX, MSNBC, CNN, etc.) REPORT the news any more? Are there reporters that don't interject with adjectives/opinions on the news they are delivering?

The media, this primary election, has been heavily slanted, understandably, towards the left. The Democratic run is breaking history. Had the woman/race issue been run on the Republican's platform than the shift would have been in that direction. What baffles me is how the media has, indeed, ran Hillary Clinton into the ground over every single move, non-move, decision, non-decision, breath, or pause that she makes. Is it safer to attack her than Barack Obama? Is it safer because she is, as a Clinton, hated beyond(without) reason or because she is a white woman? We can ignore the race factor in the press because they DO NOT tell the hard stories any longer. They are afraid of offending or losing ratings or market-ability. However I do believe it is far easier in our society to attack a candidate as a woman in the public forum than a man who is black (Asian or Hispanic as well).

People freely refer to her as a bitch, a nut cracker, cold-hearted (insinuating bitch), etc. When he is referred to in the media or at the water cooler there is NO reference to his race or gender for that matter. It's that simple. Tag on she is a Clinton and it's "no holds barred" on her and her campaign. Bill's crying doesn't come off in a positive light either however no one is holding Michelle (Obama) to any form of scrutiny and she just as passionately "stands by her man" in a role that is acceptable as a woman. Bill, a former president, and well known political marker, and a MAN is damned if he does or doesn't. Now their attacking Chelsea. Give me a break! Where is the OBJECTIVE coverage of this primary?

People are crying for change but that should also include the media. I am so sick and tired of their own pandering and kissing asses and narrow minded coverage of all things political. Don't get me wrong. I like Obama and I also like Clinton and I will be a proud registered Democrat knowing one of those candidates will be in the HOUSE because I can't fathom (perhaps self-preservation here) McCain scootin his ass across the threshold with his walker. But I just have had ENOUGH of the biased and unbalanced coverage of the two candidates.

The big slam each candidate is using is "be ready the first day" vs "be right the first day." But it was Michelle, on Larry King, that said Barack can accept and ADMIT to mistakes...but he won't make them, right? He is the one slinging the phrase "be right the first day!" So that really isn't an issue or is it just more rhetoric?

I read this today, the first positive point about Hillary Clinton that I've read from someone who is not part of any individual's campaign and it's not to stroke egos. It was a valid point. Those seeking "change" are just looking for a way to feel better without doing the work themselves or getting dirty getting involved. The true way to change is to break a sweat, get ready to struggle for what is believed in, take the leap, and commit to ideas that may seem unconventional.

Mistakes are how we learn, how we grow. I think she is a stronger candidate who will serve the house well. I think he is a well spoken man with good intentions that may not be able to pay the bill when it arrives. At least not yet. I do believe he can lead...later. I'll end the post on what I read.

"There's this big hunger for change and something different, and so she was running into a head wind that was incredibly strong," said Bill Carrick, an unaligned Democratic strategist. "She's certainly very smart, and she's got encyclopedic knowledge of policy, and her positions are well thought out. But people are more interested in being inspired and having somebody speak to their hopes and dreams and aspirations, as opposed to wanting the most substantive, policy-oriented candidate."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Casino Night (part deux)

We held our monthly casino night again this weekend. Texas hold 'em and Black Jack were the flavours although many were rooting for Craps.

We had quite a few new faces and they were itching to learn the social game of Craps. However, there were enough pushing for BJ so BJ it was until House was kicking ass!!

Then we had TWO tables of hold 'em going on. Although I must say, I don't understand or agree with the rules of TH'E. I was the house/dealer in both games so I learned the rules on the fly for TH'E.

They have this "burn" card and I didn't understand why between flop, turn, and the river they "waste" the next card in the deck. Well no one could explain, with reason, why this was done so of course, I looked it up. "Because of this burn, players who are betting cannot see the back of the next community card to come, which might be marked." Now it makes sense and I'll be better prepared for next month.
As I played Black Jack as the house, I wasn't in this tournament, nor did I join once we switched games to Texas however, hon was in and was losing this go 'round. At end of the night it was an all in, last hand situation, with only enough to win a portion of the pot. With the best hand, her portion was just over $300? However, the pot on the table for those who had it to go all in was well over $3,500. She would have once first place (flush) but didn't have the money to play so she didn't place this eve. It ended up going to one of the women who made the "all in" situation and put over $800 into the pot and took it with a pair of Aces, the other hand at the table was a pair of Kings. Very close game - MUCH fun and everyone had a blast.

We capped the evening about 3am and slept til noon. I'm lacking in comfort quickly. Hon informed me this afternoon that I moved non-stop all night. She didn't get much rest and I'll be lucky to stay up tonight but...babes are on the move. As I sat on the couch this afternoon I watched my belly dance for a moment of two.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

20th Anniversary

Wow time flies. I recall my Junior High School year I heard the Renaissance Festival was coming to Arizona. I couldn't believe it. I used to go as a young kid in New York, upstate at Tuxedo Park. It's green with hills and trees. How were they going to pull that off in the desert? We went, I had a great time, and they did a wonderful job.
For anyone in the Phoenix area you can find out more info about the festival here. So we went last week with some friends and had a blast, as usual. The kids had a great time, I think we each had a couple of icee oranges each. They were so good and refreshing and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. I made pancakes from scratch, we had a nice breakfast and then we crossed town (1 hr + ride) to the festival grounds. We arrived just before noon and left about 06:30 - walked our asses off.

These are some pics from the web site. As soon as I download the camera I'll put them up as well. They did a few things a bit different, even better, I'd say. Twenty years later, it's still a wonderful and worthy afternoon out enjoying the day and the company. One of our friend's daughter, she just turned 5, had never been. She was a wild woman - didn't want to leave. That makes it so much better.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great epi of "L Word" this week!

Hon and I went to my aunt and uncle's last weekend for dinner with her aunt and uncle as well. As usual, a much heated political debate ensued and we all found it quite entertaining once the yelling stopped and our blood pressures returned to normal. We began discussing cheating and affairs and how the men in the room would walk if they were cheated upon, yea right. We all knew that was a crock but their pride stood strong in the face of reality.

Anyway, the point was made, by one of the men, that it would be understandable if his wife transgressed while at, say a high school reunion. There'd be a foundation, building blocks, if you will, to wandering down memory lane which would make sense how life could get away from you. I, on the other hand, felt completely opposite. I could understand/forgive a one night stand with a total stranger of the here and now vs. a blast in the past. The way I see it, if a past fling or "never was" strikes a chord then there's something unresolved. A one-night f**k is usually out of anger or resentment. It's almost a direct condition of something between me and my partner ... I'm involved in there somewhere :p.
He just didn't seem to get it - perhaps a guy point of view thing? All the ladies in the house said they could see the one-nighter aspproval over the historic philandering.
Which brings me to my title...

...Bette and Tina (ex-partners with a child, for those who do not watch) have been separated for just about/over three years. They have both moved into different directions, relationships, and lives. They still share their friends (after the initial year of splitsville) and are cordial if not mostly cool with one another.

Lately, a burning ember has swelled into a tiny brush fire headed towards a blaze. In last Sunday's episode, it was on and it was hot and therein lies the rub. Bette is currently seeing Jodi, a very smart, artistic, and strong woman who is great but not for Bette. They are too much alike and clash. As much as the fan base would love to see Bette and Tina reunite, it's sad to see it occur in this way.
She and Tina had a lot of unfinished biz left behind as well as a history that allows their familiarity to spring into this affair. If Bette were just ticked with Jodi, she'd hook up for a night, tell Jodi about it to sting her, they'd have make up sex, and all would be right with the world. Ah, but alas that is not the story they write and we'll have to wait until next week to see where are heroines lead us. I'll be biting my nails til then.
**For the recap and more pics go HERE.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Speaking of music...I completed my "Final Act" this afternoon.

Kids were out of the house so I actually got to play guitar today! They usually stick me on the drums because I'm the only one who usually doesn't get us booed off the stage. Yea, I can keep a beat but the guitar...that really let's you feel the power, ya know?

The licks on the last song were hairy to say the least, but fun! I was focused after an hour of hard core rocking. I mastered Detroit Rock City, Don't Fear the Reaper, Gimme Shelter, and so on. Now, I will go back to the drums and see if I can't get to the VI ACT. I do just fine until they throw in the damn bass drum; my shin cramps, it's hard!

There's no whining in rock and roll!?!?!?!

Winehouse? You've got to be F*N kidding me...

Amy Winehouse dominated the 2008 Grammy Awards...

" five of the six categories in which she was nominated, including three of the big four general categories: record of the year, song of the year (both for "Rehab") and best new artist." - CNN

What class...huh?!
Either this generation truly sucks the big one or there just isn't enough competition in today's music wasteland! She's trash, ignorant, talentless, and crude. How does she DOMINATE the Grammy's? I can see throwing her a bone for catchy (if not annoying) single but Best New Artist? Record of the Year? Where is everybody?! WAKE UP!!! I know the music today is lousy and without very much talent but Winehouse?

It's hard to leave any radio station (of current music) on for more than a half hour without listening to endless, mindless banter, or endless, mindless music, or the two or three decent songs played every couple of hours.

Cars are being made with MP3 options as standard; why do you think? HD Radio and Satellite Radio purchases are on the rise...why do you think? People like to listen to their CDs but they get old. New music, change is craved and when the public radio and the blitzed (bought) media can't provide unbiased, objective new sounds, we turn to alternatives. Satellite offers Alternative stations, Independent stations, and classic (50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s) stations. MP3s offer alternative/indy downloads with mass storage options for endless days' worth of music.

It's no wonder kids are still walking around in Hendrix and Floyd T-shirts. Granted these musicians and those among them were no angels but they were TALENTED! They had more than one song!!!
Who do they have to aspire to now? Winehouse? Geez, I certainly hope not!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Growing ...

I was doing my routine check in on the baby boards and was catching up on the TTC boards as well. One woman I sent some left over med/supplies to was in her second round of IVF. She has been updating the boards and her blog of her stats. For the past several weeks she was testing as pregnant but the numbers were low and not promising at all. Finally, after an early ultra sound, she has been told she's pregnant with twins!

Elated, to say the least, she updated everyone on the wonderful news and stated how she was so happy there were two as it bettered her odds that she's hopefully make it to term with at least one of the babies. This brought me right back to our situation at 7 weeks.

We were sitting in doc's office doing the vag-cam u/s and he said, "it's twins!" My first thought was, we have twice as good a chance to have a baby. "A" I think I felt this way for at least the first three months. Now that we've seen their heart beats and pictures over the past five months, they are different to me. I've been petrified to think of any future until we got past 20 weeks. "Friends" from the board as well as in real life have had the difficulty of dealing with a miscarriage at 20 weeks. Some losing one of twins/triplets at 20 weeks. So 20 WEEKS was a milestone for me, personally.

I voiced my concern with hon and she knew where it came from and we've both grown quite attached to BOTH babies. Women on the boards have described losing one twin and grieving while trying to stay positive and happy for the surviving, still growing twin. I can't imagine the split of emotion that comes with that.

Now that we're looking at 22 weeks I'm beginning to feel the future, scary as hell as that might be at times. We've discussed, online, that pregnancies are generally viable after 24 weeks but better at 28 + weeks. Obviously, beyond that is choice! We're feeling movement, mostly in my ribs (OUCH) and they have definitely made their presence known with the ever-expanding belly I can no longer get comfortable sleeping with. Everyone is excitingly and not-so-patienly waiting for them to arrive.

As I explained to "new mom to twins to be" it's understandable to think of this in a numbers game sort of's all statistics, and odds, and science, after all. It keeps your spirits high and positive and optimistic and everything you need to be to get that little bean to stick! But something does happen as they grow and become more real and personable and significant. It's no longer a numbers game but they are your babies and that's it! Good luck, Bleu!

Check it out!

Go here, it will take 20 minutes, and perhaps change or re-affirm your perspective.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday...

...over and out!

Well, it was an uneventful night in that the conclusions (thus far) are pretty much what was expected. Hon and I went to the polling place this afternoon before I came into work to place our vote in the 2008 primaries. It was great; each time it still feels wonderful. We took the little ones with us to get a feel for the process. Mostly they were bored, at least the boy was. But they were in awe that the church rec room had rock band (elec. guitar/drums not the video game) in the room along with a foos ball table, PS2, XBOX, AND a Wii. Guess now they are "believers" in going to church, lol!

After coming into work and actually having a very nice and cordial discussion on the race and those involved and the process I did come to one conclusion about it all. I like to go in person. Several people mailed in their ballots, others were on line for two hours today to mark that line; we lucked out at just around 40 minutes or so, I think...

...but overall, I like the vibe of actually taking time out of my day to vote in person, awaiting the lines, signing my name on the registrar, and taking my form into the little mock cubical provided. There's a sense of history, power, right in all of it.

Regardless if my chosen candidate makes it to the finish (although it is nice), my voice was heard, counted, and I particpated. I made a stand on what I believe and who I felt could follow up on those beliefs and I didn't sit back in apathy and let it all be decided for me. That's what voters do; they take responsibility even if in the seemingly most smallest form.

Congratulations for all those that got out to vote and/or registered to be sure to vote this November. It's important, it's your right, and it's time we stop taking that for granted.

(okay, soap box down)