Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do not tap the glass.

As a kid, I used to love the mall only for the pet shop. I'd go and fall in love with a puppy, play with it the whole time I was there, only to be heartbroken when torn away to hit Macy's or Bloomingdales with mom and my aunts.

Now, when I go to the mall I avoid the puppy mill pet stores and feel sad for the little critters awaiting a home, a safe and stable, and COMFORTABLE environment. On the glass enclosures, they are forced to "live" in, those tacky, hand written notes, "Do not tap on glass!" still reside and kids clamour in looking to talk mom and / or dad into a new pet.

This all came flooding back to me the other day as I've been feeling a lot of movement in da belly lately. "Get in my belly!" ...er where was I?

Anyway, so I've been feeling tossing and twirling and, I assume, kicking. I can actually watch my stomach on occasion and see the activity. It's an odd and intriguing event, I must say.

X 2

When they get going and grab my attention I watch. They stop. I shake my stomach, pat it a few times, flick at it - anything to stir them up again. Then I wonder, the patting and flicking, the fluid - it conducts noise and I wonder if it bothers their ears. Rap music and heavy metal are not healthy for them and anything over 70 decibals is a no-no. Does the banging on my belly cause an issue? Just curious.

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