Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time keeps on slipping...

...the countdown begins. I am four days away from surgery - the bathroom is gutted and ready for somebody, anybody, to show up and do the work we are paying them to do - the babes are in the process of kicking ass at potty training (well SHE is anyway - he is just beginning) - and with for the bogos is around the corner!!!

Lots of changes this next couple weeks. Very Very excited!!!

Got notice Xterra has it's 2012 series posted! I so sucked it up these past couple of months - have a lot to make up for ESPECIALLY since I won't be doing the Warrior Dash next week...major drag! But, I should be back in the gym full board in 8 wks so that's cool. Come October, I will be ready to roll at Estrella!

Going to get the tikes bikes ready as well as my own tuned up and hit the trails north of my house. Mountain biking is going to be the next "experience" to get after. Hopefully, this will also aid in bringing my endurance back faster - amazing how quick that wanes when you aren't running regularly.

Took the kids for a run a week or so ago and at the start it was pretty rough but by the time we looped the last mile I was feeling pretty good and that was pushing a stroller with 35+lb/each twins so it was a nice surprise to see my lungs respond in kind. Just need a few runs at T-bird to get me back on track. I'll have to take the pup for a walk - she's been so patient. Perhaps this Sat. am?