Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Motorist beaten by mob after honking at them
Associated PressDec. 27, 2005 02:12 PM

MILWAUKEE - At least 15 young people dragged a motorist out of his car and kicked and punched him, causing severe head trauma, after he honked his horn to get them to move out of a street, police said.It was the latest in a series of mob beatings in the city.The 50-year-old man was in critical condition Tuesday and it was unclear whether he would survive, police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said.

Chew on this...

4 out of 5 dentists find a similarity between the Jesus story and Superman...

just kidding -

but the thought has crossed my mind.
Imagine if you will,

Jor-el sends his only son to earth from the 'heavens' in a star shaped 'basket'
Much like 'god up in heaven, sent us his only son who had to be shipped down river in a basket...

He could fly, run faster than a locomotive, lept tall buildings, helped those in need, and spread the good deed across the land...

Jesus, walked on water, and healed the sick, spread the good word across the land, etc.

He was misunderstood by some and revelled by others(most) and had sworn enemies like
the evil Lex Luthor who in the original movie lived beneath the subway of NY..
hmm, kind of sounds demonic such as Lucifer who lives in the core of the planet known as hell!
core of the planet? where exactly IS hell supposed to be? ANYWAY...

I think I'm on to something here, I really do. They changed the hippie stereotypical stylings of jesus to the clean cut Clark Kent/Superman to throw us off but we're on to them, oh yes we are!

We will not be fooled by those mere glasses like the rest of Metropolis, oh no! It's not Superman's identity they tried to hide behind the mild mannered reported, indeed it was
Jesus Christ himself they masked with that ridiculous tale of Kryptonite and x-ray vision.

There, I've put it out there now for the world to see.

Get this...to the left is a pic I found off of a site I stumbled upon during my photo hunt.

Evidently I live in a cave and am not the first to come up with these findings. Let me just say that this thought came to me during the previews for Superman Returns, you hear the voice booming from space " I send my only son" as it echoes following the hurling "star basket" to earth.

So, although I wasn't first to find this similarity, please note it wasn't stolen either. Check out this site and it gives a complete breakdown of how and why the song remains the same between Jesus and S-man. Amazing, truly.

Monday, December 26, 2005

On that note...

Arizona Snow Bowl
Ski Report Snow Conditions
Snow in last 24 hours --
Storm total --
Settled snow depth at 9,500 feet --
Settled snow depth at 10,800 feet --
Season to date snowfall 10"

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Family in town - every year we sled/ski and
cancelled the res for our rooms tonight cause t'ain't lookin' like
we're goin' NO PLACE!!! Damn sometimes I REALLY hate this state.

Only time of year I look forward to and this is what it does to me?!?!?!

Oh yea, this is it folks...this is the mountain!

It's NAKED! It has NO SNOW! I'll continue to wish and hope and chant, whatever it takes for I am a very desperate woman and I need to feel the snow squeak between my gloved fingers and crunch beneath my every step in submission.

I am a woman on a mission and cannot be stopped, YOU HEAR ME OH FATHER WINTER?!
(SIDEBAR: Why is it mother nature and father winter? Hmm?)

ERRRR! I don't know what we'll do now, we've got to take them some place...have no clue. Is there anything else in AZ to do?!

>*cricket*chirp* hoo hoot, hoo hoot< yea, thanks anyway, I thought not.

Okay, well, so glad I made that sled purchase this year, hey at least we got to use it down the stairs in our house, whoo hooo that was fun!

Actually it was until you hit the last step, damn that smarts!


Found this on a blog off MSN Spaces, sorry, don't reall the blog itself but this was too cute to pass up!

Give it UP for the COMB OV--ER!

Hm, but my fave is NY Super Chunk Fudge!

thanks again Leesa:

You Are Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies Ice Cream
Not *those* magic brownies!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

something borrowed.

Coming from Leesa I found this - and I agree, it's VERY cool!

I must pass this on -

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas list???

No...this is actually my March goal... I know I haven't been that good this year...hehehe.

Yes, this is the (pant) product I lust over at the moment. The SAAB 93!!!

My honey has been trying to sway me into the 95 but it just isn't as cool on the inside which is where I'll be so...pshh, what good is that?!?!

Yea, I am so ready to get a ticket in this baby!!!

Hopefully I can at least enjoy it 6 months before that happens. Preferably a year but for those who are not in the know...I am a habitual speeder. I signal, stop for red, etc but cannot drive 55!! (thanks Sammy) I've been pulled over a lot (lost count after 40X) and have been ticketed a few and gone to class several many and won some, lost some and paid some. I will try not to purchase red.

Oh, I can smell the car already.... open open open open

Check it out...

Go here

and check this guy out...he's my cousins friend and is looking to strike it big on the indie web site. Not too bad a singer - not exactly my kind of music unless I'm watching Eddie and the Cruisers but for the genre he does sound good!

So if you go and click on "It's Time to Change the World" it will 'credit' him that his song was played and he is charted accordingly.

Hey, some may even like him and pick up his CD. But the listen is free and the website is all about Independent Artists rocking it their own way and that you GOTTA support that!

Good luck to you Ronnie.

Where's Mustafa?

He was my College Algebra prof - we used to flirt in class and he wasTurkish and absolutely adorable. My partner makes fun of me even now because I would beam (apparently) when I would reiterate or classroom banter for the day.

I didn't do so well in the class but much fun was had by all.
This one is for you Mustafa!

Your IQ Is 120

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Above Average

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Above Average

Monday, December 19, 2005


Okay just went rounds at work as to why Merry Christmas is more than just politically incorrect. It never ceases to amaze me, the arrogance that some people have when it comes to their beliefs whether it be religion or politics.

It's very simple, people. Not everyone is Christian therefore not everyone celebrates Christmas and for you to say Merry Christmas because you DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE IT is shoving your beliefs on some one else when you don't want other's beliefs shoved onto you...hm? That sounds like a hypocrit which stereotypically sums up Christian-practicing, born again, church-going, god lovin, WWJD folk to me?!?!?!

Damn, is it that hard to swallow to be CONSIDERATE of others to just wish them a Happy Holiday?! It has nothing to do with god and your religious preference but it has everyting to do with respecting OTHER'S religious FREEDOM and CHOICE which is why GOD is NOT listed in the G*DD*MNED CONSTITUTION....

That's it! I'm sick of this F*CKING HOLIDAY already and the bullshit it brings with it every friggin' year! Get over it!

Look, it's really not hard to figure out - if you know someone celebrates Christmas then fine but if you don't there's nothing wrong with saying Happy Holidays - hell I made the mistake myself just last week when I, just by habit, said Merry Christmas to someone I KNOW is Jewish - fortunately he's a great guy and he responded laughing and retorted gleefully, Happy Hannukah.

Hey, it happens, but what kills me is when people get adamant such as what was said tonight, "Well I celebrate Christmas so that's what I'm going to say!" Okay but you're wishing someone ELSE a "merry something" they don't even believe in so you are wasting your words which is the same wasting your time and who wants to do that? Obviously if you ARE that uptight about it you certainly wouldn't want someone else wishing you a "whatever holiday you don't belive in", right? And since you are a bible believer can someone actually TRY to follow the golden rule? Do you even know what it really says?

Bottom line: I do celebrate the holiday but it's not for the birth of your lord. It's because I was raised to and it's fun and it's good times and mostly people do good for one another and are less selfish and the lights look pretty and the tree smells good in the living room and it snows and I like getting stuff as much as giving stuff and it's my baby girl's(dog) birthday and that's it.

I do not attend mass, I do not pray or give thanks, I do not reflect on 'his' sacrifice and I do not think about three dudes lost in the desert with incense...please! At the same time, I don't practice sacrafices in my backyard, I'm not stealing or having an affair with my neighbor's cat or whatever. I'm good because it's the right thing to do - not because a book told me or some guy died forever ago for me?! Yea, right - whatever. Even the churches are closed on Christmas Day...

I am just looking forward to the holiday pay I get each year that helps me pay off the excessive commercial process I entered into once again every year at this time of year.

Wow, I feel like Dennis Leary from his stand up days when he was funny...that reminds me; I need to watch The Ref before the season's over. THAT is a holiday classic! Whew - okay, rant is over, my adrenaline has finally slowed to normal. Thanks!

One at a time

Warning : Long Post ahead...
So I'm on my way to work and stop at Rubio's to get dinner for the night. As I walk from my car I hear the smallest voice say "Excuse me". I'm figuring I left lights on or dropped something but when I turn around to meet this tiny brunette 5 foot woman (to my gigantic 5'4", lol) I see she's carrying a box of coffee cups wrapped in celophane filled with candy and such.

Story begins...
She lost her job and is trying to raise money so she can give her daughter Christmas.

I stop her there and ask her politely how much? Ten dollars each. I look in my pocket already knowing I don't have it and tell her I don't think I have that much. Sure enough I pull out 8 bucks. She said that's fine, it will help and I take the blue santa mug with the stuffed blue santa sitting inside. I feel bad because she's not getting the full amount and as she says Merry Christmas and I respond the same then I turn to get dinner. Feeling really crappy that I struck a 'deal' (Hey I really only had 8 bucks) I knew I had change in my pocket and turn back around saying so. I had three quarters and some nickels, pennies, etc.

She takes the change and again, thanks me profusely with a beaming smile. She's incredibly nice and sweet and very appreciative and I just feel like an ass for pulling out change. Like, I don't know, like it demeaned her all of a sudden. Here is a woman who is taking control of her situation and making the best of things, finding a way to make the money for her family rather than sitting with a hand out expecting things to just happen (like many do, especially this time of year) and I feel like by giving her change I took that away. I know rationally there's nothing wrong with it but I felt like a jerk for shorting her two bucks and then compounded the matter by giving her spare change. I wish her the most spectacular holiday and all the luck in the world for a better new year; where ever you are.

Each time my partner closes on a house, she puts $25 in each of the kids' bank accounts. This weekend we took the kids to the mall and had each of them pick an angel from the tree. They had to spend this $25 on a gift(s) for their angel child. We thought it was time and they were all old enough to learn the other side to Christmas and GIVE.

All excited they went around and around trying to pick who to get what for. My partner and I chose a child as well and once cards were in tow, we took on the mall and the marts and went shopping! They had such a blast and we have really had a fortunate year so it was incredibly important to share that good fortune; we just wanted to pass it along.

Some Razor scooters, Princess Disney Dolls, and Star Wars figurines later (along with six bags of then some) we completed our mission.

Now disclaimer time; I am one of those who do get very caught up in shopping (which I love) and stress over money, time, and sanity until the morning of mornings arrives. It's not about spending the most or anything of the sort - it's being able to provide someone's wish. There's power in that and I do enjoy having power..c'mon, who doesn't?!

Anyway, we did some pretty cool shopping for the kids this year both ours and those angels on the tree - even the bird I picked up for my nephew; I went a little above and beyond this year but it's because I know this is something he will absolutely treasure and it's something he emotionally needs right now. I'm so excited to see his expression - all of theirs.

As we shopped this weekend for Samantha, Jose, Annabelle, Paul, and Ricardo my partner wondered aloud what their faces are going to look like Christmas morning when they see what Santa left for them. I would love to be able to see their joy. That's what this time of year means to me. Is it self serving, ABSOLUTELY - but I also do understand the philosophy of Objectivism - all that we do is with selfish motive; EVERYTHING! So, just roll with it and as long as someone else can benefit then so be it.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Love this!!!

Had to borrow this from 5 cubicle from Hell - wonderful, just wonderful!

**Let me just say that I don't ever condone the harming of animals and I don't believe any creature should live in a world where there are republicans. At the same time I also don't believe in God so don't blog me with crap about how God love this 'n that or how evil this is - it's just a rip on republicans - it's O-K-A-Y...

COUNTING DOWN ... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

OOOOOOHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait!

Yes! March 23, 2006 I'll be in line for the latest and greatest from Sarah Waters.

If you haven't thus far, you should definitely check out her other incredible works: the sensuously adventurous Tipping the Velvet and the frustrating but captivating Affinity.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Moment of silence ~

I realize the anniversary was last week but due to my out of commission state, I was unable to compute so although belated, I wanted to at least take the moment to recognize the tragic loss of John Lennon.

WOW interesting!

Explains my recent connection with the birds in my house - we are currently housing three cockatiels...one is mine(6 yrs.), the other we just adopted (accident with ceiling fan, he's 15), another we just purchased for my nephew who adores mine. She's is 13 weeks and is a total love...almost don't want to give her up but everyone in the house is watching me carefully, drats...! I have no choice, lol!

You Were an Eagle

You are able to rise above the details of life and see the big picture.

A spiritual being, you tend to go beyond material concerns.

back from the dead

Been way out of the loop for the past week. It's interesting how things transpire. The dryer caught fire last Sunday so I injured myself as I wisked it out the back door. As my adrenaline subsided the pain increased and calling off from work, I did....okay yoda.

Anyway, the pain turned into a cold to the point where breathing was painful, throat was closing and head was simply pounding. Sat on my rump all week long and ignored jobs one and two and vegged not getting up til after 1 pm everyday and sleeping like I had no responsibilities. Guess it was my bodies way of saying ENOUGH!!!

Everyone at home was awesome about it. They let me be the great awful crab that I was - OH how I was a mega bitch. Just really in the foulest of moods. But, I'm back at work and oh so happy, not quite. Still nursing sinus issues and cough but most of my energy is back so there you have it. Much reading to do as I have not even gone near a computer in the past seven days so - I have quite a long night ahead of me.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nothing better going on tonight...

Yea, it's my Friday!!! for job one anyway...thankfull (maybe) it's been a quiet evening so I've been able to catch up on reading blogs and playing with various quiz's...

Soon I'll be working on some lists...perhaps 100 things about me, fave albums/songs/groups...I dunno yet. Anything to stay awake!!! I do know that if I don't write my love a note she'll be bent because it was quiet and I didn't leave her an email to wake to. She hates that; but in essence I sort of just did, right? Hey love, have a good day at work today, love you. Kidding babe, I'll email you, no worries.

Anyway, I'll see if I can come up with something read-worthy for the blog. Bare with me, or is that bear with me? whatever.

Your Element is Water

Your power colors: blue and aqua

Your energy: deep

Your season: winter

Like the ocean, you evoke deep feelings and passion.

You have an emotional, sensitive, and spiritual soul.

A bit mysterious, you tend to be quiet when you are working out a problem.

You need your alone time, so that you can think and dream.

New love!

I absolutely love this site...little splurges of creativity and art however some of it can be incredibly profound...http://postsecret.blogspot.com

Two latest faves:

I think we can all
feel the deja vu of faded...

I would hope we all get the chance to experience PSSST!!!!


Anonymity really does breed creativity!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Minta, just wanted to say I told you so!

You are the Greek goddess Artemis, who is known as
Diana to the Romans. Although you are the
goddess of the hunt, you are the protector all
animals of the forest, and also of small
children. You are extremely skilful with the
bow and arrow and severely punish all mortals
who treat animals and/or children badly or
unjustly. You also have the unique ability to
send plagues and cure the sick, but rarely use
the former. What is extremely important to you
is your virginity.
You have never lost it, and
never well since you asked your father, the
king of gods, Zeus, for eternal chastity.
Because of this quality you are a guardian of
and abhor rape, but respects the loss
of virginity, in women, after marriage.

Which GREEK (or ROMAN) GODDESS are you? (Girls Only)with pictures! in results
brought to you by Quizilla

So, I've taken the quiz and it's official - lol!

Okay, for clarification there's this ongoing discussion between Minta's Musings and myself
of what qualifies as a virgin...
if one hasn't had intercourse with a man, is one still considered a virgin?
Does intimacy with a woman constitue as losing one's virginity?

I'll take this to the floor - anyone?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Growing impatient...shocker!

It's gonna be a Griswald Christmas!
The lights are up and I've gotten about 4/10ths of my shopping done which really is pretty good for me considering I can't usually wait to tell people what I got them which forces me to shop at the last minute so they actually have something to open on the festive morning. Otherwise I end up shopping last minute anyway to get another gift so they have something to open Christmas morning. It's just a vicious cycle.

So anyway, like I said, the lights are up, the tree is lit and ornaments are hung; the door even has a thingamajig on it...not a wreath, I don't do wreaths. I even decorated my appraisers' office because I knew none of the guys would give a rat's ass to make the place look a bit colorful - they're a swell gaggle of guys but my god, BORING(i.e. no) decorating skill!

We have TWO turkeys in the garage freezer and wine, booze, and rolls left over from turkey day so to say we are ready to partake in this year's navidad festivities is an understatement. My girlfriend and I purchased new sleds, snowboards, boots, gloves, the works - we are truly ready
to do some damage, rip up the mountainside ... what we do not have is SNOW!!!!!

Last year was an incredible weather phenomenon and this year bubkus!

I do hope it changes but checking on the weather in Flagstaff two weeks in advance (land appraisal has office headed north next week) I discovered the entire month thru 12/15 to be clear...CLEAR - no chance of rain, cloudy, windy anything - CLEAR!!! So, that leaves two weeks for something to happen. Guess we'll suffer again this year with no base - at least the year before last there was SOME action - last year rocked, and this year we're back to square one with nothing. I realize the grass is always greener concept; but I'm seeing some BEAUTIFUL winter pics on some other of your blogs and I just gotta say I am one jealous bitch right about now. I hate this state and everyone who knows me knows that because the one time of the year I really enjoy myself is winter and I, like a dolt, live in the freakin' desert where people like to say, "Oh, but you're only 2 hours away from snow and it's always beautiful, blah blah," Yea, WHEN IT FREAKIN' SNOWS!!! Why can't we just get weather two months out of the year?!

Okay, I'm done now. Goodness, felt like I just belched, PARDON me.
Back to work.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


struck a chord...

the picture the words ... wow, just sometimes you get so overwhelmed and overworked in the daily grind that the only way to find peace...

I recall feeling like this a lot in the past - very defeated.

Anyway, found this while perusing over at post secret -(link on the right)- check it out, really cool shtuff!


This is a shout out!!!
Happy Birthday MINTA!!!

Here's hoping you have
a spectacular day.

Lunch and movies* on me!

*only if you pick a good one-lol

Kidding, of course (fortunately we share similar tastes, whew!)

BTW, I'm working sroc tonight so I thought
it was after midnight ... ROFLMAO!!!!!

So...happy b-day 1.5 hrs early, luv ya
- mean it.

Feeling small

Well, this is my neighborhood...actually it also includes the surrounding four neighborhoods as well. That's just it...this is only a thumbprint of my immediate area, a thumbprint. The more you zoom out the smaller (obviously) it all becomes - the smaller we become. This isn't revelation or anything, I'm not that obtuse but every so often, don't you just look at your hand or pinch your flesh and go, "Wow! I exist?!" I did it a lot as a child and would sometimes sort of freak myself out. Just a ripple in the after affects of a pebble tossed in water. I don't know I just like to go there and recognize just how insignificant we can be - it doesn't take away the responsibility of things we can change and ought to - we can make SIGNIFICANT contributions but in the whole of things we are still remaining quite insignificant. Fabulous, isn't it?

Anyway, this all sort of came about from a discussion I had last week about a new book, Freakonomics. One of the topics was why the crime rate had dropped so much in the past few years...what was the leading cause? Yes! What WAS the leading cause? Was it the polititians or congress creating tougher punishments? Were more prisons built avoiding pre-releasing repeat offenders? Did it drop because technology has made things more difficult? Want to know?????
YEA, come ON already!

According to Freakonomics, the decrease in crime rate was due to the population percentage being less than normal. Roe-V-Wade took place just over 20 years ago and because of abortion being legalized, more of them took place therefore the number of children were less and they would have been at the common age of mischief therefore a reduction in crime. The crime rate hasn't necessarily dropped but there are fewer people to commit them which by numbers, reduced the crime rate. Make sense? Well it does but I may just suck at explaining it. Go to Amazon and pick up a used copy or support your local used bookstore dealer....RECYCLE the knowledge and pass it on.

But seriously, really fascinating info inside - it's crazy how some of the stuff comes about but there is some twisted logic to it and if you do or don't believe in some of the theories it certainly makes for interesting table talk and mental stimuli!

Thanks to Leesa...

Fun little test...did the cartoon as well...I was Betty Boop, the girls at home with love that one. Girl next door with a sexy side behind closed doors ...
This one I found fascinating...definitely shows me farther along this lifetime than I really am but it's cool 0h, and the card was pretty... ; )

The Universe Card
You are the Universe card, sometimes called the
World card. The Universe is the complete,
perfect whole. The spiritual path has come to
an end and enlightenment is reached. Events
have reached completion. The different facets
of your life are well-integrated and
harmoniously balanced. This is an ideal state
in which to rest and feel the true state of
your vibrant physical being. Your creative
potential is maximized and you have achieved
goals that you have set for yourself in the
past. After enjoying the pleasure of this
state, a new cycle can begin with new
challenges and triumphs that will keep you
feeling alive and keep building on the
foundations you have planted thus far. Image
from The Stone Tarot deck.

Which Tarot Card Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla