Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Minta, just wanted to say I told you so!

You are the Greek goddess Artemis, who is known as
Diana to the Romans. Although you are the
goddess of the hunt, you are the protector all
animals of the forest, and also of small
children. You are extremely skilful with the
bow and arrow and severely punish all mortals
who treat animals and/or children badly or
unjustly. You also have the unique ability to
send plagues and cure the sick, but rarely use
the former. What is extremely important to you
is your virginity.
You have never lost it, and
never well since you asked your father, the
king of gods, Zeus, for eternal chastity.
Because of this quality you are a guardian of
and abhor rape, but respects the loss
of virginity, in women, after marriage.

Which GREEK (or ROMAN) GODDESS are you? (Girls Only)with pictures! in results
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So, I've taken the quiz and it's official - lol!

Okay, for clarification there's this ongoing discussion between Minta's Musings and myself
of what qualifies as a virgin...
if one hasn't had intercourse with a man, is one still considered a virgin?
Does intimacy with a woman constitue as losing one's virginity?

I'll take this to the floor - anyone?


DrM2B said...

OMGoddess......U R kidding ...RIGHT?!?!? I still stand by the ole adage ..... If a man is not a virgin after a handjob or a blowjob during the "ACT" and finishes with a "happy-ending"...me love you longtime.... then U R NOT A VIRGIN EITHER >>>> penetration or not.....hence the whole "doctor..was the hymen intact?" test when some cultures get ones daughter ready for marriage.... she isnt considered a virgin for her betrothed if the hymen is gone!!! ***now where is that damn site....I must destroy it!! ***

Goeve said...

however as argued before, the hymen can be "broken" in an accident (horseback riding, cycling) so a girl can lose her virginity from a horse(NO COMMENTS PLEASE)? So, no, regardless of what culture you refer to, the hymen MUST be taken during the course of sexual actions not just "gone". Ergo, the debate still wages on...