Sunday, December 04, 2005

Growing impatient...shocker!

It's gonna be a Griswald Christmas!
The lights are up and I've gotten about 4/10ths of my shopping done which really is pretty good for me considering I can't usually wait to tell people what I got them which forces me to shop at the last minute so they actually have something to open on the festive morning. Otherwise I end up shopping last minute anyway to get another gift so they have something to open Christmas morning. It's just a vicious cycle.

So anyway, like I said, the lights are up, the tree is lit and ornaments are hung; the door even has a thingamajig on it...not a wreath, I don't do wreaths. I even decorated my appraisers' office because I knew none of the guys would give a rat's ass to make the place look a bit colorful - they're a swell gaggle of guys but my god, BORING(i.e. no) decorating skill!

We have TWO turkeys in the garage freezer and wine, booze, and rolls left over from turkey day so to say we are ready to partake in this year's navidad festivities is an understatement. My girlfriend and I purchased new sleds, snowboards, boots, gloves, the works - we are truly ready
to do some damage, rip up the mountainside ... what we do not have is SNOW!!!!!

Last year was an incredible weather phenomenon and this year bubkus!

I do hope it changes but checking on the weather in Flagstaff two weeks in advance (land appraisal has office headed north next week) I discovered the entire month thru 12/15 to be clear...CLEAR - no chance of rain, cloudy, windy anything - CLEAR!!! So, that leaves two weeks for something to happen. Guess we'll suffer again this year with no base - at least the year before last there was SOME action - last year rocked, and this year we're back to square one with nothing. I realize the grass is always greener concept; but I'm seeing some BEAUTIFUL winter pics on some other of your blogs and I just gotta say I am one jealous bitch right about now. I hate this state and everyone who knows me knows that because the one time of the year I really enjoy myself is winter and I, like a dolt, live in the freakin' desert where people like to say, "Oh, but you're only 2 hours away from snow and it's always beautiful, blah blah," Yea, WHEN IT FREAKIN' SNOWS!!! Why can't we just get weather two months out of the year?!

Okay, I'm done now. Goodness, felt like I just belched, PARDON me.
Back to work.

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DrM2B said...

Just make sure someone ELSE has the keys! (remember how yrs ago...I told U I would NEVER let U forget !!! )....muah..ha...ha.. **wringing hands**