Thursday, September 22, 2011

A "stoning" in GA

We look on in horror at injustices committed all across the globe. The boys trespassing in Iran, the woman stoned in the middle east, or the women held in North Korea. They were all found guilty through the judicial system of the country. Currently, in Italy, there is much speculation over Knox and did she or didn't she? Yet we cry for these individuals to be released - those caught trespassing were guilty - they committed the offense and according to law of the land, were to be punished. But our society advocated for their release...interesting. While I don't disagree with requesting their release and for the courts of those countries to show mercy - I would like to think America has just as much compassion when it comes to persecuting those within our own system.

It never ceases to amaze me how this country of ours continues in arrogance with every error in judgement we make. It is now we, the United States of America, that appears to have "stoned" someone especially when considering there was such a cloud of doubt over this case. The world is looking at us as though we brutally murdered a man through "the system" - we look like a nation with a barbaric justice system with no human face or mercy - who will kill a potentially innocent man. Shame on Georgia, shame on the supreme court. Whether this man was guilty or innocent - the fact that a world, including much of this country, is still unsure, should have been enough to grant clemency.