Monday, December 22, 2008

Where is the democracy?

Pretty scary stuff when you really start analyzing it. How is the U.S. that different and how is our government any "better" than those of other countries?

I am going to be irresponsible (since I am "at work" and don't have the time or energy to research as I should) but I read what defines a fascist nation here. If this criteria is true than we are not what many people of this country bang their chest and boast of.

Sorry but there is something really wrong here. If it's not true then, whew! Anyhow, like I said, I'm throwing out the disclaimer that this may be inaccurate info and the burden is left on your shoulders to do some reading and determine validity.

Hello, is this thing on?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

Chloe, having been trained by her Momma to pose whenever the cameras are out, was all too ready for her photo shoot! Grayson, however, was not in the mood.

"C'mon Grayson, if you don't look good, I don't look good, just take one with me?!"

Well, it was brief but he sucked it up and made it for one picture, which she was quite pleased with. I think she felt very accomplished with getting him to sit up for a shot.
After, oh - 200 pictures? we were still looking for that perfect Christmas Card photo. Well, we still haven't sent out cards...I know, I SUCK! But I was told, by someone, that as long as the card is rec'd prior to the New Year all is well. I'm going with it. So I'll send these out tomorrow and hope that they arrive at least THIS WEEK!?!?!?!
*Note: Grayson posed, but appears ticked, in the collective kid photo. Hope he becomes more cooperative as he gets older.
Happy Holidays everyone! Health and happiness to us all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Native laws sure don't make it right

Ridiculous laws create ridiculous circumstances. How does this happen?

Campbell Brown reported on the 6-month old boy, Talon being taken from the only parents he's known to be given back to his "tribe" only to be placed back into foster care?!

Okay. I understand the initial concept of the law was to protect the culture. However, you don't have a significant percentage of N.A. blood in this child, he was LEGALLY adopted out because his crack head mother was unfit (and STILL IS), and you don't truly give a rat's ass about this child but about your F-in culture?!

You are not fit to govern the people of your tribe. It is not about your culture but about your ego and your history and your people be damned. What about the simple humanity of this child and others in foster care within your tribe? How do you perpetuate a failed process - fix your future by dealing with the problem, not hording it in a warehouse called foster care. If the people of the tribe are not fit then who cares for these kids? Is the tribe offering parenting classes to those in need? Are they working with fit couples and individuals to help remove these kids from the foster program as soon as possible?

Don't rip a child from a good placement for some show of muscle because you can. If you had a couple or individual from the tribe ready and able to take the child in, I could totally understand the move - but it appears that is not the case. So...what was the point?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ouch had listed this card some time ago. I copied it - just was so simple, so powerful. I just played the story out in my head. Amazing ... bittersweet as usual. Love PS!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


If you haven't heard them yet, run - don't walk to your local tune provider and take an earful. Fun, intense, melodic, entertaining, fascinating. Great work by great musicians. Uh Huh Her is a new band with seasoned talent. ENJOY!
What I am listening to RIGHT NOW! Oh, BTW they will be performing live at Dinah '09, oh yea.


I shouldn't even bother with these as my cell just doesn't do a good enough job but until I take real pics this will have to do.

While holding the garage sale I put up the decos and lights and all I can say is, that goodness I'm done.

Of course, after several hours the strand across the roofline blows it's little fuse, I switch it out for the next time. But as long as we shut them each night, no problem. Funky house wiring, I tell you!

There's always some "challenge" when it comes to house lighting so all things considered I really can't complain this year. I usually shred at least a box worth each year and so far no casualties. Ahh, that festive spirit. But truth be told, when it's all finished, it is pretty and I'm happy I did it. Okay, there, I said it.

Rainbow Fences 2nd Annual Holiday Party

Well it's that time of year and we held our 2nd annual gathering. It was a success! We had food, games, prizes, SANTA, and friends and family come to celebrate some good times.

The kids knocked out a pinata, played ring-toss and bean bean bag games, and tried their hands at chess as well. They decorated cup cakes and had their faces painted all while waiting for Santa to arrive for their pre-Christmas gift.

Here they are gathering before the "stage" where Santa was expected to sit. They were truly excited. Because I am with a cold this year, I didn't run around as much as I did last year so I was able to see more of the show and they just were amazed with him. He is such a god! It was great to watch their faces shine with total admiration for the guy.

Anyway, here are some pics. Grayson and Chloe were totally chill with hanging out; didn't cry, didn't care, didn't notice?! Just one more persons lap to sit

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

near the gates of madness I sit part of NaNoWriMo I began this book/novel. It's been a fascination of mine since high school; freshmen year. Criminal Justice; our instructor was a militant, conservative, ex-marine, wannabe cop that travelled Russia and Germany and had a room full of governmental paraphenalia from prisons and wartime, etc.

Throughout my high school and post h.s. years, I read books such as "Alone with the Devi,l" "Silence of the Lambs" (prior to the movie), and "The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers." I wrote term papers on the sociopathic criminals and the most heinous of criminals, the cannibals. I was interested in forensic work for the FBI way before CSI or Silence entered into mainstream entertainment. It was intriguing.

Well, I am finally writing about all that I've read and imagined. It's great, it's been invigorating and it's been scary as hell. Hon even asked a couple times now if I'm sure I want to write it. I've been really freaking myself out around the house - becoming a tyrant about locking the front door at all times and making sure the garage is shut and that door locked too.

You see, to write this book, I'm thinking like the sociopath. I've put myself in this person's shoes; how not to get caught, what to do and how. How far to describe the horrible deeds perpetrated and what exactly is the victim suffering?! I'm not method acting, mind you, but it does put your head in a certain frame of mind. So - mostly, I've worked on this while I'm at work. By the time I come home, had the radio or tv on, talked with the family, I can sleep like a baby - no dreams, no paranoia, etc.

But, I've also suffered a certain writer's block for not giving in. Now I'm back to doing some research to see how to walk that fine line before I really plunge forward. I'm still excited; no I didn't hit the 50K words however I did learn to not re-read and re-write as I go. I'm just going and when I'm done THEN I will re-hash, re-write, and re-figure what is needed. That in and of itself was an incredible move toward progress.