Monday, December 31, 2007

Rainbow Fence stuff

This is my buddy - he's just so adorable. I've posted him in previous pics - I think from a Cinco de Mayo picnic entry. Hon made these awesome twin christmas cards and when we brought one over to his moms he saw the pic and said they were in my belly. He knew exactly what the pics were - much better than many adults that saw the shot. He's such a cutie! But he made a scary pirate, eh?

Then of course, we had the winner's of the costume contest, hand's down! They are a very handsome family and that little boy is a heartbreaker. He is just the most dashing little guy ever and his dad's are equally as wonderful.

This was part of the back yard currently known as "the lot" as we've only been working on it to
clean it up. There were many dead trees, etc. so we built a huge fire pit in the back and have been blazing all holiday season. That is the large romper the big 'uns were using. A smaller bouncer was on the opposite side for the little ones but everyone mostly liked the obstacle course. Definitely kept the kids occupied until Santa arrived.

D, the blonde below, asked a relative of mine to get beer as they were running low. When she told me this, I laughed in her face. She asked a wine drinker to pick it up. I told her she asked the wrong one and her response, "...she's just going to come back with a 6-pack, isn't she?" Yea, that's what happened. So my sis and her partner took the ride and came back with a couple of cases. Until then she double-fisted her drinks until there was a safe supply in the cooler. She's a funny one - we tease her constantly.

Finally, Santa made his presence known and many were running with smiles and excitement ...

...others...not so much.

G'bye 2007...

So this year, especially near its end, was chuck full of surprises, parties, gatherings, more parties, and a nice closer.

For the first time in 12 years, I am working New Year's Eve. I know...why? 'Cause, per hon, my priorities have changed. LOL. Last year I took NYE off and worked Christmas Eve. Well, I missed the family get together and white elephant cut-throat event (which is a site to be seen) and everyone in general just wasn't having much fun. Not to mention, for some odd reason, I've been sick for the past two New Year's anyway which has put the kabash on whatever plans we'd made. So, this year I mixed it up and celebrated CE with family and the knives did come out during white elephant...including one of the gifts...long story.

Anyway, for the past month I've been attending classes to upgrade my appraisal license status to certified as 1/1/08 requirements get real stringent so I had to complete the education requirements prior to the new year to be grandfathered in. I passed all my tests and made it through the hurdle and just under the wire, whew! Our office closed last week so I am self-employed (for appraisal) and enjoying some free time. I had one inspection last week, quickie, but I'm looking forward to some down time.

Hon has been throwing parties and gatherings for the past few months. We had nearly 100 people at our house a couple weeks ago for the Rainbow Fences 1st Annual Holiday Gathering. We rented an obstacle course blow up thing that the kids couldn't get enough of. Santa came by handing gifts to everyone and we gathered quite a number of presents and needed items for a shelter we sponsered in Goodyear. We had boxes and boxes of things to bring in and it was great fun. The kids had a blast, we met a number of people that had been part of the group that never made it to prev functions that were just wonderful.

I'll post some pics as I get them downloaded. Wow...long post - well considering it's been months with nothing this is quite the catch up, right? Guess my resolution will be to post more often ;p

Enjoy the evening - keep it safe, and have a happy new year!

When does it end?

Read this tonight. Although, wish I'd known ahead of time, lol. Wasn't there just an article two weeks ago about the increased stress and illness India has recently succumbed to due to all the new work pressures and stress from acquiring American jobs already? Do they really want to add more fuel to the fire? The world is crazy!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

laziness breeds memes, so what?!

Borrowed from

Your Score: Mary Crawford

47% romance, 59% sauciness, 41% etiquette, 63% intelligence

Ah, Mary, Mary, quite contrary. You are saucy and intelligent, and while you ordinarily have enough social savvy to navigate the treacherous waters of high society, you do sometimes put your foot in it. But most alarmingly, you have no illusions about love. Your clear-eyed (detractors might call it heartless) nature means that sometimes, you say things that rub others the wrong way. But in the right crowd, your sparkling wit makes you an excellent conversationalist. You're opinionated and feisty, which attracts a lot of male attention. Alas, the walls you've erected around your heart mean that flirting rarely progresses to a deeper affection. Ideal matches: Henry Tilney, Colonel Brandon Guaranteed heartbreak (their hearts): Edmund Bertram, John Willoughby, Captain Benwick Not worthy of your affections: John Thorpe, Mr. Collins, Mr. Woodhouse

Link: The Jane Austen heroine Test written by SarahKath on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Monday, December 17, 2007


Been a long time coming and I know the posts have been beyond far and few between but I've been just a bit under the weather. Approaching 2nd tri at end of this week - thank goodness. I've been home sick far more than I anticipated and I'm really looking forward to getting my energy and appetite back ... here are the latest pics.

Twin A (measuring 12 wks 1day) is facing upward with head to the right and Twin B (measuring 12 weeks) is upward with head to the left. These were done on 12/05 when we were 11wks and 5 days. They are looking great - we do not plan to learn the sex until birth and were quite surprised to find two hearts beating that first test.