Monday, December 31, 2007

Rainbow Fence stuff

This is my buddy - he's just so adorable. I've posted him in previous pics - I think from a Cinco de Mayo picnic entry. Hon made these awesome twin christmas cards and when we brought one over to his moms he saw the pic and said they were in my belly. He knew exactly what the pics were - much better than many adults that saw the shot. He's such a cutie! But he made a scary pirate, eh?

Then of course, we had the winner's of the costume contest, hand's down! They are a very handsome family and that little boy is a heartbreaker. He is just the most dashing little guy ever and his dad's are equally as wonderful.

This was part of the back yard currently known as "the lot" as we've only been working on it to
clean it up. There were many dead trees, etc. so we built a huge fire pit in the back and have been blazing all holiday season. That is the large romper the big 'uns were using. A smaller bouncer was on the opposite side for the little ones but everyone mostly liked the obstacle course. Definitely kept the kids occupied until Santa arrived.

D, the blonde below, asked a relative of mine to get beer as they were running low. When she told me this, I laughed in her face. She asked a wine drinker to pick it up. I told her she asked the wrong one and her response, "...she's just going to come back with a 6-pack, isn't she?" Yea, that's what happened. So my sis and her partner took the ride and came back with a couple of cases. Until then she double-fisted her drinks until there was a safe supply in the cooler. She's a funny one - we tease her constantly.

Finally, Santa made his presence known and many were running with smiles and excitement ...

...others...not so much.

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