Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First post of 2008!

So I'm jumping right in to maintaining my NY resolution. That's New Year's not New York's. Okay.

So I'm psyched, even though I have one more evening before me, tomorrow morning after work I'm on vacation. We leave for California straight from work. Headphones and a nap and I'll be ready for visiting family, the beach, Disney, all of it. Looking forward to the getaway. I'll be benched for most of the rides but just being there...it's the "happiest place on earth" for crying out loud!

Last year we went crazy (much to my own hand) on presents and quite frankly, it wasn't appreciated so this year we got everyone socks. That's it, just socks. We told them for the past couple of months that was what would be under the tree and why. The money we spent previously could have been given to familIES who would have really appreciated it. It was just sick what was spent and to a degree, wasted last year.

In lieu of having material items that would be broken, abandoned, misplaced, or neglected we decided to donate a lot to charity and just schedule a trip for the holiday for the family. After everyone got their 20 pairs of socks ... and a set of pjs, we opened Santa's gift, Disney Monopoly. Once Hon told everyone where we were going the screams carried t/o the house.

Then we said, grandma's coming too. More hootin' and hollerin' and grandma was already advised as we had to change her flight home but the kids just thought it was brilliant. So, I have my mp3 to jazz up, the psp and video cam to charge up, and ensure we have enough batteries that the digital doesn't die. How's that for some alliteration? eh?

I'll be sure to post pics as they're much more fun to look at then my ramblings on whatever.

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