Sunday, July 29, 2007

So much for one day ...

Friday, 7/27/07 was an eventful day. We've been trying to acquire this home on an acre plus for about two months...actually we've been looking for about two years. Anyway, we finally closed and funded on ... Friday 7/27/07. My sister, who has been in a nasty legal battle with her ex-hubs finally rec'd closure and found some victory - judge ruled he will not be granted full custody (major abridged version) on ... Friday 7/27/07.

And last but not least, our loving baby girl went into labor and had four girls on ... Friday 7/27/07...then she had two boys after midnight.

Here is their blog debut, for the first time in "print" anywhere...

From 08:45p until 03:30 this morning...still waiting to get to bed...but they are sooo cute and she is an excellent mommy. I only panicked for a little while. By the time the third one came out I knew she had it all under

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Funny article read on AfterEllen:

It's the top 15 butches of music/movie/television. I don't particularly agree with all of the choices nor do I care for the order but the details are cute and I found it a humorous read.

Now I'm no Butch connoisseur, and I realized this as I read the article disagreeing with some choices. Who would I put in their places? Couldn't think of a one. Perhaps Jo Polnicheck (sp?) from Facts of Life, the early years but then she was never hooked up with a girl so that doesn't count...anyway, enjoy the article.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

wow 2 in 1 day

Catching up in the blog world and stumbled on someone new:
She is a Canadian Indian/Polish actress, Lisa Ray, starring in When Kiran met Karen, a new movie due out ??? I'll be sure to catch it.

Much to do and way too hot!

July is a busy b-day month in my family and this year there were big 'uns. Sweet 16, 60, 50, and 13 are the main events, then there are a few other birthdays this month as well. Surprise party after surprise party - my partner and I catered the 60 party last weekend; sick busy!

My partner's grandmother also passed week prior to fesitivities. We spent the week before she passed in the hospice with her and other family. It was difficult for hon's mom and aunt but they all got to spend some time with her, say goodbye, overall it was really nice for her grandmother. Services were last Sunday and the surprise party the following Saturday and another this coming Saturday. The sweet 16 has been postponed as her b-day was Monday after services. Craziness afoot.

Anyway, our baby, Ella, is preggo! She is due in about another month. May have mentioned this before but we pimped her out when we returned from Chicago in May. They appear to have been successful. We'll find out the number of babies probably next week when we take her to the vet for check up etc. In the meantime, she is spoiled even beyond before. I gave her some pepperoni while I made a sandwich and now I've created a monster. She takes after me - I love pepperoni. Anyway, she's doing well although I do feel bad for her having to carry a litter during the climax of summer, in AZ no less!!!

By this time next month, you'll have to scrape me off the floor away from all the puppies. I can't wait, I'm more excited than the kids. We are giving several of the dogs away-one to my aunt who's 50 next week and who's surprise party is this Saturday. She's been given a head's up. The pop's pop will get one, and a family friend of ours it taking another. We'll keep one female and then see from there depending on how many she even has. Ugh..can't wait!

Also, I've turned in my log and have been given the list of reports from the appraisal board for their review. Hopefully, this time next month as well, I'll be a licensed real estate appraiser or at least prepping for the test. Cross yer fingers!