Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crawling out of my skin

So I am on the horizon of new things - went kayaking last week and really enjoyed it - plan on doing that much more often. They have these moonlit paddles at Lake Pleasant when it's a full moon. Looking forward to taking advantage of those. Also there's this rock climbing group that go twice weekly to an indoor gym and then occasionally head outdoors and that's something I would like to try. I am perhaps the fittest in my life and don't want to waste any of the energy or muscle or guts for that matter. Hon had me water ski for the first time ever last Friday at the lake. I biffed - all three/four times I tried. Last effort brought me the closes to actually standing but alas, some other time.

There's a sunrise meditation hike up Camelback I'm going to check out in a couple weeks. That will be very enjoyable. I think I will begin my training for Havasupai - this is the closest ( I think ) I will ever be physically to hike and camp that route. Very excited to check out the falls and pools as well.

I was listening to some OLD mini-discs with obviously old music - wow! I swear it's sometimes such a diary the collections we create - kind of cool and at times, kinda creepy. Anyhow, until our next home project is completed (just finished our master bath and closet, finally) I won't be doing too much outdoors - also considering the heat it's safer for now. I have landscaping waiting for me as well. But - I will be squeaking in some new jaunts soon. Very excited.

Next race isn't til November? My ass needs to get back to the gym and start endurance training - my lungs so suck it right now. Guess we'll see how far back I am when I check it out next week. Got a two week pass to try a new gym - sooo miss my old place. Ahhhh memories.