Monday, November 21, 2011

Spinning spinning ... wheels

We have a broken government. This isn't new. They can contact their spin doctors and try as they might but it might actually be that people are FINALLY fed up with the bullshit. I sure hope so. Guess we will see come voting time. Occupy has been great to raise awareness along with some eyebrows but I sure hope they start DOING something. Someone with "the" voice needs to step forward and start making Occupy more than just a bunch of people complaining. I wait with baited breath.

We have a special ... or was that super committee? Either way they turned out to be neither. Even if they were successful in accomplishing the cuts of over 1.3 trillion dollars it amounted no more than plugging one of five holes in a barrel - we are still spending more money on interest than our economy can scramble together...ha, feels like most Americans' households nowadays I am sure.

Holidays just aren't in me this year. I don't know if it's the economic climate, the injustices our systems have suffered most recently, kids disappearing out of their beds, or just winter blues finally hitting me. I don't generally get those - I love winter and snow and all that comes with it...but, alas the spirit of the season is escaping me. I was in a much better place last year. But I wasn't.

The best thing about the season is it ends. This too shall pass and then we can simply enjoy an impromptu ski afternoon, or a serendipitous snowball fight, or perhaps a trip to the coast for some R and R. Regardless, I will be glad to be rid of funky ol' me. Blech.