Friday, October 12, 2007


My baby girl, Sweden then and now...she just came in from outside...dirty girl!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pins and Needles

Big day tomorrow - well one of two actually. I have, hopefully, something good coming our way very soon but it won't be confirmed til Wednesday for sure. It's been a very long road trying
to make things come together. I must say that so far we've done very well and have been extremely lucky on our endeavors. Hopefully it holds up for at least a bit longer.

October and the weather that comes with it has finally arrived. We've had the windows open all week and aired out the house which has been much needed since we are presently STILL with 7 dogs. (three pups). If I could I would keep them all 'cause I'm crazy like that. Hey, we have over an acre. There's plenty of room!!! But my better and more logical half, says no. We did have homes for them - even before they were born but alas two of those who were taking a little one home have had some life changes that altered those plans. I refuse to just give them to anybody.

We took them to the vet the other day and Sweden, the one we're keeping, is apparently not a special (as in short bus) puppy. Since she was born she was not like the others. Stared at walls and didn't play or intereact with the other pups. Her development has delayed compared to her siblings. Her teeth don't look right, they're barely peeking through gums. Her sisters are a bit bigger as well. Vet said she's normal, slower developer but normal. Yea, not buying that but thanks doc. Getting a second opinion in 3 weeks when I go in for the 2nd booster. Probably with all three of them in tow...they are wonderful and so make me happy. Can't even describe it.

Not only have I grown attached but I always have an overwhelming sense of obligation when it comes to animals. We rented out the old house but I still go by every couple of days to check on Cat and make sure her food and water is good. We can't take her home but we can keep tabs and health on her. There's a new cat lingering at the house - some mangy white and grey fluffy thing with bent ears and not friendly. Cat hisses at it when I stop by letting me know it's an unwanted visitor. Felt bad for it though so I gave it some food under the hedges away from Cat's area.