Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Native laws sure don't make it right

Ridiculous laws create ridiculous circumstances. How does this happen?

Campbell Brown reported on the 6-month old boy, Talon being taken from the only parents he's known to be given back to his "tribe" only to be placed back into foster care?!

Okay. I understand the initial concept of the law was to protect the culture. However, you don't have a significant percentage of N.A. blood in this child, he was LEGALLY adopted out because his crack head mother was unfit (and STILL IS), and you don't truly give a rat's ass about this child but about your F-in culture?!

You are not fit to govern the people of your tribe. It is not about your culture but about your ego and your history and your people be damned. What about the simple humanity of this child and others in foster care within your tribe? How do you perpetuate a failed process - fix your future by dealing with the problem, not hording it in a warehouse called foster care. If the people of the tribe are not fit then who cares for these kids? Is the tribe offering parenting classes to those in need? Are they working with fit couples and individuals to help remove these kids from the foster program as soon as possible?

Don't rip a child from a good placement for some show of muscle because you can. If you had a couple or individual from the tribe ready and able to take the child in, I could totally understand the move - but it appears that is not the case. So...what was the point?

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