Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas list???

No...this is actually my March goal... I know I haven't been that good this year...hehehe.

Yes, this is the (pant) product I lust over at the moment. The SAAB 93!!!

My honey has been trying to sway me into the 95 but it just isn't as cool on the inside which is where I'll be so...pshh, what good is that?!?!

Yea, I am so ready to get a ticket in this baby!!!

Hopefully I can at least enjoy it 6 months before that happens. Preferably a year but for those who are not in the know...I am a habitual speeder. I signal, stop for red, etc but cannot drive 55!! (thanks Sammy) I've been pulled over a lot (lost count after 40X) and have been ticketed a few and gone to class several many and won some, lost some and paid some. I will try not to purchase red.

Oh, I can smell the car already.... open open open open

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