Saturday, December 17, 2005

back from the dead

Been way out of the loop for the past week. It's interesting how things transpire. The dryer caught fire last Sunday so I injured myself as I wisked it out the back door. As my adrenaline subsided the pain increased and calling off from work, I did....okay yoda.

Anyway, the pain turned into a cold to the point where breathing was painful, throat was closing and head was simply pounding. Sat on my rump all week long and ignored jobs one and two and vegged not getting up til after 1 pm everyday and sleeping like I had no responsibilities. Guess it was my bodies way of saying ENOUGH!!!

Everyone at home was awesome about it. They let me be the great awful crab that I was - OH how I was a mega bitch. Just really in the foulest of moods. But, I'm back at work and oh so happy, not quite. Still nursing sinus issues and cough but most of my energy is back so there you have it. Much reading to do as I have not even gone near a computer in the past seven days so - I have quite a long night ahead of me.

1 comment:

DrM2B said...

okay....I'll let your disappearance go this time....only because of the long explanation of how U were being wonderwoman AND got sick......