Monday, December 26, 2005

On that note...

Arizona Snow Bowl
Ski Report Snow Conditions
Snow in last 24 hours --
Storm total --
Settled snow depth at 9,500 feet --
Settled snow depth at 10,800 feet --
Season to date snowfall 10"

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Family in town - every year we sled/ski and
cancelled the res for our rooms tonight cause t'ain't lookin' like
we're goin' NO PLACE!!! Damn sometimes I REALLY hate this state.

Only time of year I look forward to and this is what it does to me?!?!?!

Oh yea, this is it folks...this is the mountain!

It's NAKED! It has NO SNOW! I'll continue to wish and hope and chant, whatever it takes for I am a very desperate woman and I need to feel the snow squeak between my gloved fingers and crunch beneath my every step in submission.

I am a woman on a mission and cannot be stopped, YOU HEAR ME OH FATHER WINTER?!
(SIDEBAR: Why is it mother nature and father winter? Hmm?)

ERRRR! I don't know what we'll do now, we've got to take them some place...have no clue. Is there anything else in AZ to do?!

>*cricket*chirp* hoo hoot, hoo hoot< yea, thanks anyway, I thought not.

Okay, well, so glad I made that sled purchase this year, hey at least we got to use it down the stairs in our house, whoo hooo that was fun!

Actually it was until you hit the last step, damn that smarts!

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