Monday, December 19, 2005


Okay just went rounds at work as to why Merry Christmas is more than just politically incorrect. It never ceases to amaze me, the arrogance that some people have when it comes to their beliefs whether it be religion or politics.

It's very simple, people. Not everyone is Christian therefore not everyone celebrates Christmas and for you to say Merry Christmas because you DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE IT is shoving your beliefs on some one else when you don't want other's beliefs shoved onto That sounds like a hypocrit which stereotypically sums up Christian-practicing, born again, church-going, god lovin, WWJD folk to me?!?!?!

Damn, is it that hard to swallow to be CONSIDERATE of others to just wish them a Happy Holiday?! It has nothing to do with god and your religious preference but it has everyting to do with respecting OTHER'S religious FREEDOM and CHOICE which is why GOD is NOT listed in the G*DD*MNED CONSTITUTION....

That's it! I'm sick of this F*CKING HOLIDAY already and the bullshit it brings with it every friggin' year! Get over it!

Look, it's really not hard to figure out - if you know someone celebrates Christmas then fine but if you don't there's nothing wrong with saying Happy Holidays - hell I made the mistake myself just last week when I, just by habit, said Merry Christmas to someone I KNOW is Jewish - fortunately he's a great guy and he responded laughing and retorted gleefully, Happy Hannukah.

Hey, it happens, but what kills me is when people get adamant such as what was said tonight, "Well I celebrate Christmas so that's what I'm going to say!" Okay but you're wishing someone ELSE a "merry something" they don't even believe in so you are wasting your words which is the same wasting your time and who wants to do that? Obviously if you ARE that uptight about it you certainly wouldn't want someone else wishing you a "whatever holiday you don't belive in", right? And since you are a bible believer can someone actually TRY to follow the golden rule? Do you even know what it really says?

Bottom line: I do celebrate the holiday but it's not for the birth of your lord. It's because I was raised to and it's fun and it's good times and mostly people do good for one another and are less selfish and the lights look pretty and the tree smells good in the living room and it snows and I like getting stuff as much as giving stuff and it's my baby girl's(dog) birthday and that's it.

I do not attend mass, I do not pray or give thanks, I do not reflect on 'his' sacrifice and I do not think about three dudes lost in the desert with incense...please! At the same time, I don't practice sacrafices in my backyard, I'm not stealing or having an affair with my neighbor's cat or whatever. I'm good because it's the right thing to do - not because a book told me or some guy died forever ago for me?! Yea, right - whatever. Even the churches are closed on Christmas Day...

I am just looking forward to the holiday pay I get each year that helps me pay off the excessive commercial process I entered into once again every year at this time of year.

Wow, I feel like Dennis Leary from his stand up days when he was funny...that reminds me; I need to watch The Ref before the season's over. THAT is a holiday classic! Whew - okay, rant is over, my adrenaline has finally slowed to normal. Thanks!


DrM2B said...

For the record.....Just because I burn incense ...and dance naked in the moonlight everyso often....doesnt mean Im having an affaire with the neighbors cat or doing sacrifices in the backyard!! u kill me .....I was actually aske "what are you laughing at" when I read this, about a tangent! LOV IT! <3 M

Goeve said...

should have been here, I needed back up!!!