Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guest Post

Hon has been obsessed with the primary election. I've mentioned it before but she is headed for an intervention soon. So, she's been sitting on the couch with her laptop glued to CNN on the television and reading CNN from her laptop simultaneously. She read an article that was, once again, biased and felt obligated to write to CNN. They didn't post her response. Therefore, to get it off her chest, it's being posted here.

It is amazing how everything always comes back to her being a woman. Why is it that people are not more concerned with the issues and her many accomplishments. The fact is that HILLARY can and will get the job done the best. What she has endured in her personal life only goes to PROVE how strong she is. Whether HILLARY stayed or left she would be offending someone, and receive backlash for it. When Bill does or doesn't campaign on her behalf he hurts her. Now Michelle is starting to be criticized...let’s see how they handle it. HILLARY can handle the negative media; she has been tested time and time again and still comes out on top.

We can already see Obama losing the charismatic smile and hear how his flowing tongue is starting to tangle. CNN reported that HILLARY was not looking at him during the debate; maybe they should pay attention to the replay. Watch his body language, his arrogance, his posture, the way he barely looked or acknowledged her. He wrote and wrote and wrote (working on his next novel I suppose). He is starting to believe the hype (bad move). Where as when he spoke, HILLARY showed class and experience, she looked at him, turned her body towards him, would smile, and nod.

I worked in the media for many years, did my time in editing and learned how they manipulate the audience. The media has pushed Obama upon us; HILLARY doesn't get near the positive press. When he is tested and the press turns on him (they always turn) I don't believe he will handle it with near the amount of tact and grace that she does.

For Michelle to say that if "it" (the election) doesn't work this time, "we won’t do this again," shows me that they are not fighters. They are not here for the long haul.

This election is not about race or gender it is about voting for the candidate with the most experience and who will be able to get the job done right. Obama will make a terrific VP, gain the experience and in 8 years from now will be an amazing President.

Come March 04 my Hon may be returning from the land of the political drama and relax her shoulders. I understand why she gets angry; it's very hard to sit by and watch the cult-like phenomenon of Obama and his followers. I suppose, under some guise of self-preservation I try not to focus on this race too much as it makes me sick.

However, I did read a comment from a Newsweek article this eve. The commentor said if Obama did receive the nomination he would vote under a "Write-in" and place Hillary as President and Edwards for Vice. Sounded like a VERY good idea to me.

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