Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Take back the MEDIA

Read THIS!

After tonight's debate this paragraph spoke volumes. The "incident" is referring to the diparaging comments against women made by Chris Matthews of MSNBC.

" "This incident, though, speaks to the larger issue that women are not fully represented in our media: when networks—in the year 2008— still cannot seem to find women to anchor serious political programs. That every lead anchor for every network’s campaign coverage is a white male, suggests the work of inclusion is not being done. That every Sunday morning talk show—where what is news is decided—is hosted by men; that every late night show that gives us clever interpretation of the news is hosted by men; and where women behind the scenes still seldom hold veto power over blatant sexist behavior— it means that we have a media that is dysfunctional. "

It/he/they just make me sick.

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