Monday, February 11, 2008

Winehouse? You've got to be F*N kidding me...

Amy Winehouse dominated the 2008 Grammy Awards...

" five of the six categories in which she was nominated, including three of the big four general categories: record of the year, song of the year (both for "Rehab") and best new artist." - CNN

What class...huh?!
Either this generation truly sucks the big one or there just isn't enough competition in today's music wasteland! She's trash, ignorant, talentless, and crude. How does she DOMINATE the Grammy's? I can see throwing her a bone for catchy (if not annoying) single but Best New Artist? Record of the Year? Where is everybody?! WAKE UP!!! I know the music today is lousy and without very much talent but Winehouse?

It's hard to leave any radio station (of current music) on for more than a half hour without listening to endless, mindless banter, or endless, mindless music, or the two or three decent songs played every couple of hours.

Cars are being made with MP3 options as standard; why do you think? HD Radio and Satellite Radio purchases are on the rise...why do you think? People like to listen to their CDs but they get old. New music, change is craved and when the public radio and the blitzed (bought) media can't provide unbiased, objective new sounds, we turn to alternatives. Satellite offers Alternative stations, Independent stations, and classic (50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s) stations. MP3s offer alternative/indy downloads with mass storage options for endless days' worth of music.

It's no wonder kids are still walking around in Hendrix and Floyd T-shirts. Granted these musicians and those among them were no angels but they were TALENTED! They had more than one song!!!
Who do they have to aspire to now? Winehouse? Geez, I certainly hope not!


PocketRadio said...
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Malifacent said...

Uh, thanks? Who are you? And did you miss the post and point? People are seeking alternatives to current radio, period. HD, satellite, and MP3 installs are the future whether your propaganda machine likes it, agrees with it, wants it, or not. But thanks for stopping by.