Monday, February 11, 2008


Speaking of music...I completed my "Final Act" this afternoon.

Kids were out of the house so I actually got to play guitar today! They usually stick me on the drums because I'm the only one who usually doesn't get us booed off the stage. Yea, I can keep a beat but the guitar...that really let's you feel the power, ya know?

The licks on the last song were hairy to say the least, but fun! I was focused after an hour of hard core rocking. I mastered Detroit Rock City, Don't Fear the Reaper, Gimme Shelter, and so on. Now, I will go back to the drums and see if I can't get to the VI ACT. I do just fine until they throw in the damn bass drum; my shin cramps, it's hard!

There's no whining in rock and roll!?!?!?!

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