Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great epi of "L Word" this week!

Hon and I went to my aunt and uncle's last weekend for dinner with her aunt and uncle as well. As usual, a much heated political debate ensued and we all found it quite entertaining once the yelling stopped and our blood pressures returned to normal. We began discussing cheating and affairs and how the men in the room would walk if they were cheated upon, yea right. We all knew that was a crock but their pride stood strong in the face of reality.

Anyway, the point was made, by one of the men, that it would be understandable if his wife transgressed while at, say a high school reunion. There'd be a foundation, building blocks, if you will, to wandering down memory lane which would make sense how life could get away from you. I, on the other hand, felt completely opposite. I could understand/forgive a one night stand with a total stranger of the here and now vs. a blast in the past. The way I see it, if a past fling or "never was" strikes a chord then there's something unresolved. A one-night f**k is usually out of anger or resentment. It's almost a direct condition of something between me and my partner ... I'm involved in there somewhere :p.
He just didn't seem to get it - perhaps a guy point of view thing? All the ladies in the house said they could see the one-nighter aspproval over the historic philandering.
Which brings me to my title...

...Bette and Tina (ex-partners with a child, for those who do not watch) have been separated for just about/over three years. They have both moved into different directions, relationships, and lives. They still share their friends (after the initial year of splitsville) and are cordial if not mostly cool with one another.

Lately, a burning ember has swelled into a tiny brush fire headed towards a blaze. In last Sunday's episode, it was on and it was hot and therein lies the rub. Bette is currently seeing Jodi, a very smart, artistic, and strong woman who is great but not for Bette. They are too much alike and clash. As much as the fan base would love to see Bette and Tina reunite, it's sad to see it occur in this way.
She and Tina had a lot of unfinished biz left behind as well as a history that allows their familiarity to spring into this affair. If Bette were just ticked with Jodi, she'd hook up for a night, tell Jodi about it to sting her, they'd have make up sex, and all would be right with the world. Ah, but alas that is not the story they write and we'll have to wait until next week to see where are heroines lead us. I'll be biting my nails til then.
**For the recap and more pics go HERE.

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