Sunday, February 17, 2008

Casino Night (part deux)

We held our monthly casino night again this weekend. Texas hold 'em and Black Jack were the flavours although many were rooting for Craps.

We had quite a few new faces and they were itching to learn the social game of Craps. However, there were enough pushing for BJ so BJ it was until House was kicking ass!!

Then we had TWO tables of hold 'em going on. Although I must say, I don't understand or agree with the rules of TH'E. I was the house/dealer in both games so I learned the rules on the fly for TH'E.

They have this "burn" card and I didn't understand why between flop, turn, and the river they "waste" the next card in the deck. Well no one could explain, with reason, why this was done so of course, I looked it up. "Because of this burn, players who are betting cannot see the back of the next community card to come, which might be marked." Now it makes sense and I'll be better prepared for next month.
As I played Black Jack as the house, I wasn't in this tournament, nor did I join once we switched games to Texas however, hon was in and was losing this go 'round. At end of the night it was an all in, last hand situation, with only enough to win a portion of the pot. With the best hand, her portion was just over $300? However, the pot on the table for those who had it to go all in was well over $3,500. She would have once first place (flush) but didn't have the money to play so she didn't place this eve. It ended up going to one of the women who made the "all in" situation and put over $800 into the pot and took it with a pair of Aces, the other hand at the table was a pair of Kings. Very close game - MUCH fun and everyone had a blast.

We capped the evening about 3am and slept til noon. I'm lacking in comfort quickly. Hon informed me this afternoon that I moved non-stop all night. She didn't get much rest and I'll be lucky to stay up tonight but...babes are on the move. As I sat on the couch this afternoon I watched my belly dance for a moment of two.

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