Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday...

...over and out!

Well, it was an uneventful night in that the conclusions (thus far) are pretty much what was expected. Hon and I went to the polling place this afternoon before I came into work to place our vote in the 2008 primaries. It was great; each time it still feels wonderful. We took the little ones with us to get a feel for the process. Mostly they were bored, at least the boy was. But they were in awe that the church rec room had rock band (elec. guitar/drums not the video game) in the room along with a foos ball table, PS2, XBOX, AND a Wii. Guess now they are "believers" in going to church, lol!

After coming into work and actually having a very nice and cordial discussion on the race and those involved and the process I did come to one conclusion about it all. I like to go in person. Several people mailed in their ballots, others were on line for two hours today to mark that line; we lucked out at just around 40 minutes or so, I think...

...but overall, I like the vibe of actually taking time out of my day to vote in person, awaiting the lines, signing my name on the registrar, and taking my form into the little mock cubical provided. There's a sense of history, power, right in all of it.

Regardless if my chosen candidate makes it to the finish (although it is nice), my voice was heard, counted, and I particpated. I made a stand on what I believe and who I felt could follow up on those beliefs and I didn't sit back in apathy and let it all be decided for me. That's what voters do; they take responsibility even if in the seemingly most smallest form.

Congratulations for all those that got out to vote and/or registered to be sure to vote this November. It's important, it's your right, and it's time we stop taking that for granted.

(okay, soap box down)

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